Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Spider-man Origins Collection (Blu-Ray) exclusive Spider-man 3 Editor's cut review.

Spider-man Origins Collection pic

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Well, I don't have the best equipment to view Blu-ray though I will admit it was nice to see Spider-man (2002) and Spider-man 2 & 2.1 (2004) in high Definition; I have and seen Spider-man 3 in high def a while back ago. It was a gift by my brothers friend.

This quick review will deal mainly about how I feel about the new editor's cut which was pretty much long overdue, 10 years to be exact. Does it fare better than the theatrical version or should you simply stick with the very mediocre theatrical release? Let's get started!


The changes? 

-  Peter's apology to Mr. Ditkovich is removed after yelling at his landlord to "fix the damn door!" Instead we have Peter sitting idle in his room before Ursula barges in. Peter proceeds to apologize for the incident but Ursula tells him to forget about it and informs him that M.J. is on the line. 

- The line from Norman to Harry: Make him wish he were dead. First we attack his heart!" is removed. Harry just simply gives us his grin stare and that is it.

- Aunt May's forgiveness speech scene is removed entirely.

- The black suit Spider-man swinging in daylight has been re-inserted. This scene appears right after Peter gets Eddie fired. Also, in the theatrical version, when Jonah says "We haven't printed a retraction in 20 years!" the camera focuses on him and Robbie whlist this line is said as Eddie is walking out the door in the editor's cut. Therefore, the newspaper that says sorry Spidey is removed in the editor's cut. 

- As a result, the infamous emo dancing scene is later in the film.

- There are extra scenes of Peter falling into temptation using the Black-suit. His smile just says it all.

- The Peter/Harry fight starts off different. In the theatrical version, Peter web slings off camera into the room while the editor's cut reveals him to already be lying in the same chair where Norman died. Some of the dialogue is different as well. After Peter scars Harry, the dancing scene starts here. 

- The famous Sandman being a sandcastle for Penny has been re-inserted. However, there is no Venom alternative seeking him scene here. 

- The infamous Butler telling Harry that Norman killed himself is removed; After sending Peter away, Harry picks up a cracked frame pic of him, Peter, and M.J. He sheds a tear thinking about his broken friendship. 

- The music is different in some scenes. 

According to this website: There are two more changes which is listed under Minor changes section.
Both involves Sandman though the changes are really minor which I guess I didn't notice in the first place.


My thoughts:

I think this version does trump the theatrical version a little. I will go through every change and whether I agreed with it or not. 

- Though the apology to Ursula was a nice alternative scene, I think the apology to Mr. Ditkovich made more sense. However the latter scene was probably removed due to him giving Peter an awkward speech on how to talk to M.J. on the phone.

- I didn't care much for the Harry/Norman speech removal. I don't think this made much of a difference to me.

- Probably the biggest and shouldn't "had done it" removal was the Aunt May forgiveness speech. By removing it, Peter just simply knew how he had to handle him hurting M.J. Aunt May had always been one of Peter's inspirations and advice givers, so removing this scene should had been a no-no.

- The black suit scene daylight scene we all saw in the trailer!!! Well, kinda pointless honestly, but I guess it was a nice addition. 

- I like the extra Peter falling into the black-suit temptation scenes. After ridding the symbiote, the scene where he pulls out his original suit becomes more significant. 

- The Peter/Harry fight is there. That is that. You could either go with the theatrical or the editor's cut in this one. To me it really didn't matter. To make matters worse, after he pumpkin bombs Harry's face, the dancing scene appears. Kinda feels off doesn't it?

- The Sandcastle scene is very much needed for character importance and development. I wonder why this was removed in the first place? By far the best addition of the entire editor's cut. 

- Well, Harry crying is by far a better touch than the forced Butler reveal. However, in the editor's cut, Harry chooses to help Peter because of their friendship despite still believing Peter to be his father's murderer. In the theatrical cut, Harry gets closure on who truly killed his father. 

- Music changes, the theatrical cut is better in my humble opinion.


Is the editor's cut worth a view? Yeah, why not? However, the changes are too little to warrant this purchase especially you have to buy the box set just to watch the editor's cut; $29.99 to be exact in Wal-Mart dollars. This wasn't a wow like how Spider-man 2.1 was. At least 2.1 added 8 extra minutes into the film and hardly removed anything. SM 3 editor's cut attempts to replace the theatrical version saying this is how the editor would had done the theatrical release instead of releasing an extended version the fans are owed. Also, the Editor's cut is two minutes shorter than the Raimi theatrical version. If you have a friend that has this, then I say borrow it from him/her. Don't pay full price for this until they release a definitive version of SM3. Look online to see other filmed and deleted scenes that never made both cuts. Ciao folks. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Resident Evil Vendetta quick review 6/19 one night in theaters

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Haven't done a movie review for a long time, so I had one night to get out of my sick bed and what I do? Watch the latest Resident Evil movie that is not based on the Milla Jovovich franchise. Well, I won't get much into plot details but I will state the goods and the bads in a jippy. *May contain some spoilers* The film takes place in between Resident Evil 6 and 7 the video games.

+ Leon and Chris are back and together and they form an unstoppable tag team (like most of you fans can't figure this out.)

+ The action is top notch; prior to the film there is a quick 10-15 documentary on how they filmed this movie using the extensive technique of motion capture. The action can be anywhere to awesome to incredibly insane; the Leon/dogs chase scene is one of them. Just over-the-top chase with a hilarious finish.

+ Leon's first meet up with Chris and Rebecca is a nice touch. If you went through what Leon did in his past history, you feel the same way as well. Glad to see the makers give him this personality. 

+ Rebecca Chambers who have been long gone since Resident Evil Zero/Umbrella Chronicles makes her long awaited return. 

+ CGI along with the action is getting more smoother and nicer as the series progress.

- Rebecca's long awaited return leads to her being nothing more than a damsel in distress though she does play a big vital role in stopping the outbreak virus in this film. She does kinda explain why she has become the character she is in the film ever since the Raccoon city incident. 

- Story becomes a little predictable with little or no actual twists. Resident Evil Damnation, the previous film that serves as a gap in between Resident Evil 5 and 6 had a few. This one, especially the villain who goes by the name of Glen Arias doesn't surprise viewers much in why he is creating another world catastrophe. There is one part in the movie where he intends to keep Rebecca alive is already spoiled somewhere in his intro. Very predictable. You will see what I mean if you watch the film. 

- Realists will find the action a little too far fetched. No surprise. Did you expect the protagonists to die here. Leon was hit by giant Tyrants in the previous film and he got up just fine. You expect here to be any different? 

- You have to at least get the story of the games to understand this movie.

- You get a character that looks like Trish from the Devil may Cry series who doesn't get much development here though she appears to be important towards the end of the film. 

- You also get the brutes (the enforcer type) villains who just so happen to be a staple of the RE series (Nemesis, Tyrants, El Gigantes, NDesu, and you feel my drift). Just no character development here again. 

+/- In the final act, our heroes must rescue Rebecca, find a cure, fight the villain not once but twice, and a whole horde of Zombies within 20 minutes (yes, it is timed by Chris). Who wins that is up for you to guess but all of that in 20 minutes? That's movies for you.

+/-Also I miss Roger Craig Smith as the voice of Chris Redfield but oh well. 

Yeah, this movie ain't perfect but it shows that Vendetta has come a long way since Degeneration. It's worth a watch especially for the fans of the games. I actually enjoyed it. Lot's of people actually turned out to watch it. I was amazed by that. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Thank you Jesus for a good day in Oahu 6/2/17: Hawaii Loa Ridge Hike

The 2nd of 3 sister hikes have been conquered: Hawaii Loa Ridge! Another friend who is visiting from Washington state insisted that we do a hike so today we chose Hawaii Loa Ridge. This hiking ridge is in between Wiliwilinui ridge and Kuliouou, the latter which I completed a few weeks ago. So I will be making a few comparisons to Kuliouou. Without further delay, let's get started!



Hawaii Loa Ridge


First off, this trail takes place in Hawaii Loa territory, where there is a clean and rich community that resides within here. In order to gain access, you must have a valid State I.D., Drivers License, or Military I.D. No exceptions otherwise. If the requirements are fulfilled, You will get a pass and sign a form for you and your passenger(s) from a gate guard. You will reach the Hawaii water reservoir to your right after a mile or two of driving and then proceed to park on the right. Remember to display the pass on your dashboard. Also remember to return the pass to the gate guard after you are finished with the hike. Additionally, the passes are limited so good luck on whether you can get one or not if little or lots of people decide to hike here. Thank God we got one.

The first part of the trail is easy as you enter a mini pine forest and go through some rocky terrain. The views get better and better as you progress. Sadly, the last half becomes dreadful, though I didn't take pics, you will go through a steep forest (was wet so watch your step), an enclosed-like rocky area (was wet too), and more...... you guess it, Stairs! The amount of stairs overwhelms the Kuliouou branch. Not to mention, the hike also consists of multiple hills, so you are going up and down and vice versa when coming back as opposed to Kuliouou's switchbacks. There are some ropes in a few areas to assist with your trekking up or down. Use it or don't. That is my advice.

The summit:

 Hawaii Loa Ridge


Just do it!
The summit is much smaller than Kuliouou's. We were joined by a few people before and after but the views here are much nicer, imo, than Kuliouou's. You get to see a large pool/watershed of some sort and the Windward side on a larger scale. You even see Maunawili which is a good photo op. The only drawback for this day was that it was very cloudy. I also heard that this hike tends to be known as "hiking in the clouds." I had no such luck but thank God for the decent view.

Random pics and lunch

Hawaii Loa Fruits
Hawaii Loa Ridge
I told you there was stairs!


Hawaii Loa Arch
Hawaii Loa Arch?

Hawaii Loa Ridge Panoramic

 Lunch at Pieology and Uncle Clay's.


Food for refuel! And then Dessert! Dessert was a little too sweet but Oishi nonetheless. Oh, the Pizza was awesome as well. Anyhow, thank you for reading. As for the hike itself, it was more strenuous than Kuliouou. It's a good hike but I doubt I'll be coming back to do this again unless if it's with a group. The overall hike took nearly 3.5 hrs roundtrip. Wiliwilinui is next I guess? Thank you Jesus for a good day and allowing me and my friend G.I. to survive this trail. Laters folks.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13, NKJV. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Thank You Jesus for a good day in Alapena and Kapena Falls 5/19/17

Today in Hawaii-Nei, I decided to do a quick early morning hike in my neighborhood at Alapena and Kapena falls. For 17 years of my life, I never knew this waterfall hike existed close to my house. There are two routes to get here: one being the Nuuanu memorial park and mortuary route and the Pali highway in the back. I went through the first route. Now be advised, there is a sign before you get into the trail that tells you that there is no trespassing. Some people say to take this route but did not forewarn me about the sign prior to the hike. If you don't want to do this, then you can go the back route which I will provide details later. Once you enter the trail, it should look like this.


Hike up at this point and you will reach the first fall: Alapena Falls in a few minutes.

 Alapena Falls

Alapena Falls
 Alapena Falls

Hike to the right at this point and you will do a couple switchback (stream crossing) hiking till you reach:

Kapena Falls

Kapena Falls
With Shutter

 Kapena Falls

I took a few minutes to enjoy this beauty while some mosquitoes tried to sap my blood. Many people like to dive off the rock here. There is a path here to the right that leads to the freeway as I mentioned earlier. It is to your right and you can't miss it.

This is how the backside looks like and a few steps away is where you can park your car (scenic route), but beware I saw glass on the floor and according to some people online, people do break in cars here so be careful. Also, if you take this route, it leads you to Kapena Falls right away. So you would need to hike down to Alapena from this point which isn't tough at all. I actually walked the freeway back home so that concluded my morning hike. I thank God I didn't get hurt especially I am still feeling ill but I was sick and tired of being bedridden for this entire week. I got this passage today before I headed out and I thank Jesus for the inspiration. Laters folks.

And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.
Mark 10:27 KJV

Updated *5/19/17  Howzitboyhikes found a upper trail which I didn't. You can seem to avoid all the stream crossings if that is your forte. It also brings you to the top of the falls easier. Oh well, maybe next time.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Takara Tomy Transformers Legends Rewind and Nightbeat review LG-28

Aloha fans, we are back with another TF review, unfortunately I left the next insecticon at my brother's house during my staycation there. So now I am left to do a quick substitute until I reacquire the Fansproject figure. Today's feature is none other than Rewind, one the autobot cassettes created to combat Soundwave's Decepticon cassettes. Without haste, let's get started!

Boxing and contents.





Boxing is your standard Takara packaging with attributes and a comic book. I was confused by what was going on. But I found the synopsis page online nonetheless so here is the link:





Rewind comes equip with a thin rifle which can be pegged to his right forearm or plugged on both hands. I love how he has his classic cassette look on his back but updated with icons such as the Wi-Fi bar, battery icon (he is down one bar), and familiar icons such as the Facebook icon that is shaped with letter T instead. His G1 inspired eyes looks alright. For once, I kinda do prefer the IDW Hasbro visor look. Anyhow, Rewind looks great here.

Spider-man Origins Collection (Blu-Ray) exclusive Spider-man 3 Editor's cut review.

Spider-man Origins Collection pic Click above link to see the cover pics. Well, I don't have the best equipment to view Blu-ray thou...