Friday, July 20, 2018

Thank God for a good day in Toronto, Canada 7/14 (Day 3) TFCON Toronto 2018!

 Aloha, day 2 is here! Today is TFCON day in Mississauga, Canada!

Breakfast here.


For starters, the Presto card allows you to ride the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) bus/Subway and Gobus. You load funds into the card. From what I heard if you use Presto, you get a minor discount off the Gobus. Just remember that when it comes to Gobus, you need to tap on and tap off when you get on and off the bus. The Gobus was needed here to travel a long distance from the city- about 40 minutes to be exact. The convention was hosted in the Hilton Mississauga. 

TFCON 2018!

I bought an early registration pass so I was able to go in @9AM rather than 11AM. The funny thing was that when they asked my I.D. to confirm registration, they were shocked that I was from Hawaii! They wondered why I traveled so far but I was welcomed nonetheless. I was able to acquire some figures that I wanted. Every few hours there were Q and A with some of the invited Voice actor guests. 









Cute Drift!


Little Windblade

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Thank God for a good day in Toronto, Canada 7/12- 7/13 (Day 1&2)

Courtesy Jen Chao

July 12 - To AirBnB and rest:

Came during the evening around 4PM. Traffic was busy so I didn't arrive to the Yonge-Sheppard area till 6ish by Uber. I wasn't feeling too good though I walked Yonge St for a little. I ended up buying Smoke's Poutinerie traditional fries and it was good though its full of carbs so be careful. I slept by 9ish Toronto time. I didn't get a pic of the store but its @ 4716 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5M4, Canada. A bit pricey but good.


July 13- Chinatown, City Hall, Kensington St, Eaton Centre and more!

I jogged for a little bit and came across Avonshire Park.


Met up with my Okcupid bud- Jen Chao who showed me around. For once i didn't log my journals down so I'll try to remember what I did chronologically to the best of my knowledge. We went for some bake goods first!

Then we caught the subway and buses to Chinatown. You will see some pics of the CN tower from this point. Located in Chinatown was also

Kensington Market.


Sukoshi Mart
Ditto for this one.

Toronto's fascination with Poke.
Seven Lives (Courtesy Jen Chao)

(Courtesy Jen Chao)

Saturday, June 30, 2018

More Legends to come! A Transformers story.

Been feeling a little down lately plus working lots. Still haven't gotten to finalizing the Metroplex review. Anyhow, I decided to complete season 4 of Transformers: The headmasters. I even got Windblade who is this current gen but I decided that I need some fembots. I also got Twintwist and Topspin whose G1 toys were made but were never featured in any of the cartoons/anime.

Hopefully I can review these folks soon. Laters.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Makapu'u once more! The Makapu'u Tidepools!

Return to Makapu'u once more. Me and my bud Kev hiked the back area a little (The look-out side). We then hiked the regular trail and hiked down to the Tide pools ( we went through the whale looking section). 

The look out area- A hidden bunker


The Tide pools of Makapu'u

View from the Tidepools


 Quite a bit a turnout here. A few people swimming here. The tide wasn't bad at all and Dragon's Nostrils is located here as well, but due to the weak tide, it wasn't an impressive Spout. When hiking down from the Whale viewing area, remember it's not a race. Play it safe. Going back up was obviously harder.

Lunch: Gokoku Sushi; Dessert: Kokonuts Shave Ice and Snacks

Surf and Turf Donburi

Talk about recharge! Very much needed. 

Deadpool 2 later on during night

Fun movie. Got this cup but end up throwing it away. Too bad it wasn't the collectible type of cup. Anyhow, that was my day. I need more days like this.  Thank Jesus I made it out safe of the hike and for a good day. Toodles!