Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gamestop white Gamecube controller review

Well, I didn't want to do this review but after playing my favorite game: Megaman X collection on my Wii, I felt like i had to. First off, I'm not sure if Gamestop still sells this controller anymore because it is roughly about two years old. I bought it for $14.99 and did not open the product until somewhere a few months ago. I decided to revisit Mario 64 I downloaded from the Wii shop. The result was a disaster because my character couldn't stop moving left. As soon as you touch the joystick, your character automatically moves left. You have to pull the joystick up a little just to get your character to stop moving. As soon as you slightly touch the stick, your character moves left again. I had to buy the Mario controller I reviewed then. The official Nintendo products work like a charm!

Now, I decided to play the Megaman x collection for the Gamecube on the Wii. Here is where the headaches spawn. Don't touch the joystick again other wise you will move left automatically. Our last hope would be the d-pad... whew! sigh of relief! Not! The D-pad is stiff as heck. The up and down buttons on the direction pad seems to be closely tied to the left and right buttons on the direction pad. Every time I press down, 50% of the time, X or Zero (the heroes of the series) will move left or right (ducking feature is only in X5 and X6). The same ratio applies when I am pressing up. As you can tell, I've walked into enemy fire numerous times, or even worse, fell into the spikes. The buttons work occasionally though sometimes they can become unresponsive. Sometimes I press the dash button when I am in the air as a tactic against some bosses (Rangda Bangda in X5). Result, I fell into spikes or onto an enemy because the command somehow didn't register. The Z button which is often used as the Giga attack or Nova Strike is stiff as well. You have to press it so hard to make it work and it makes a very loud sound as you press it. The same thing goes for turbo button though I have yet to make good use of it. Just a loud annoying sound as you press the button.

So this is the last time I am buying a gamestop controller. I bought one in the past and that one worked much better than this one, though it had an awkward problem of registering the L button as the start button in some games. Not to mention, the x button gave out fairly quickly; my bird chewed up the cord on that one if you are wondering what happened to that controller. So folks, pay the extra $10 to get a non-headache inducing Nintendo brand Gamecube controller. Avoid third parties at all costs though my Rock candy controller for the xbox/pc is awesome!

Verdict: Not worth it

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