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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thank God for a great day in Seattle, Washington: Sept 17th, 2015

Woke up early at 4AM. Waited for sunrise and everyone to wake up. Took pics of my friends backyard. Chickens and Squirrels!

Favorite hangout spot for them.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thank God for a great day in Seattle, Washington Sept 3, 2014 (pics galore!)

Aloha folks and welcome back to day 2 of my trip to Seattle with my family. So we woke up around 7AM in the morning and left the hotel (free breakfast grabs btw) around 7:45AM to head to the Big Four Ice Caves at Granite Falls for a friendly family hike. The drive from Aurora was nearly an hour and a half. To make things easier, make sure you buy a day pass when you see the ranger station as you enter Granite Falls to your left. The one day pass is $5. If you miss the station, you have another chance to pay by putting money into the envelope and putting it in the drop box in the beginning of the hike.

The hike is roughly 2 miles round-trip. The path way to the caves is an easy hike. When we got to the ice caves, lots of the ice melted. I could recall the ice being stretched all the way towards the beginning of rocks that lead to the ice caves when I was back here in 2011. There is also a memorial cross to Grace Tam, 11 years old, who died back in 2010 when a big chunk of ice landed on her. Though she never died right away, it took hikers a long time to rush back to civilian areas for help.

Pay your respects if you have to but remember to be careful as you can see there are a lot of holes in the cave decks. Plus, the ice really seems thinned out. For the most part, me and my family steered clear of going inside the caves. I did go inside one of the caves back in 2011. All I can say is be careful and if you do go into a cave, bring a flashlight, heavy duty jacket and boots. Because the ice is constantly melting causing a stream to run aground, jacket because its super cold, and flash light because the more you hike in, the less you will see light. Overall, please be careful because if something happens to you, its a long way from help.

Sadly, the U.S. Forest service made the Tam family take down their cross because of our God-hating laws these days. What has our nation turned into? And our nation preaches love but yet I don't see any love in this.  Remember we are still a nation under God plus freedom of speech and religion.  No reason for the U.S. Forest service to do what they did. I betcha if a bunch of atheists placed some marker, aside from a cross, there will be no hissy fit thrown. No questions asked, period. Oh well, God will resolve the rest. I will continue to pray for the Tam family that they stay strong in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here's the link:

Return to the Ice Caves!

My mom having fun.

I will conquer thee!

The white parts are very slippery. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Roughly at noon, we decided to head back into town to eat at Paseo Caribbean Restaurant located at Fremont. I didn't get a pic of the store because it is very difficult to find parking so I had to drop my sister off and had her buy the sandwiches while I drove around.

The sandwiches are about a foot long and are very tasty. I recommend trying here if any of you ever come to Seattle. Definitely worth the $8.