Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Thank God for a good day in Kauai March 26, 2016. Part 3 of 3 *Traumatizing Garden Isle finale!*

Thanks to our hike, we slept good. Me and my brother awoke around 8ish in the morning. Forecast says raining, God says "beautiful sunny day in Kauai-nei!"

Panoramic view from our room

My sis-in-law did not wake up nearly till after 9. I went swimming in the hotel's pool for about half an hour to kill time. We were killing time because it was our last day in the Garden Isle and our flight wasn't till 10 at night. We did not check out of the hotel until noon. After check-out we decided to head to Hanalei. We drove to the end where we saw farms and lots of beautiful beaches. We didn't stop to admire any sights but we drove till the end nonetheless. We had lunch at Tahiti-Nui for our fuel stop. Good food. Recommended if you are in Hanalei.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Thank God for a good day in Kauai March 25, 2016. Part 2 of 3 *Traumatizing Garden Isle experience!*

*Once again, a parody, so easily offended people look elsewhere.*

Sleeping Giant from Ono Family restaurant

We woke up around 9ish and decided to go to Ono Family restaurant in Kapaa for breakfast. Very ono indeed. We decided to head towards Hanalei side to sight see some more. We stopped by the Kilauea lighthouse first. Unfortunately, it was closed. It won't re-open until somewhere end of April. So we could only take pics from a far.

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