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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Takara Tomy Transformers Legends Rewind and Nightbeat review LG-28

Aloha fans, we are back with another TF review, unfortunately I left the next insecticon at my brother's house during my staycation there. So now I am left to do a quick substitute until I reacquire the Fansproject figure. Today's feature is none other than Rewind, one the autobot cassettes created to combat Soundwave's Decepticon cassettes. Without haste, let's get started!

Boxing and contents.





Boxing is your standard Takara packaging with attributes and a comic book. I was confused by what was going on. But I found the synopsis page online nonetheless so here is the link:





Rewind comes equip with a thin rifle which can be pegged to his right forearm or plugged on both hands. I love how he has his classic cassette look on his back but updated with icons such as the Wi-Fi bar, battery icon (he is down one bar), and familiar icons such as the Facebook icon that is shaped with letter T instead. His G1 inspired eyes looks alright. For once, I kinda do prefer the IDW Hasbro visor look. Anyhow, Rewind looks great here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Transformers Generations Sandstorm review

Well, it isn't like Hastak to not use a mold more than once. So what we got next? A Sandstorm! Ok bad joke. Just Sandstorm the character. Like usual, let us examine the figure and let's get started!

Boxing and contents.




Pretty similar to Generations Springer's concept and packaging. Included is a black and white portrait of his box art cover and the instructions manual.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Transformers Generations Springer review

At long last, I finally decided to review Generations Springer. The funny thing is that I own Warbot Defender (Fansproject version of Springer) but never did opened either one until now. Enough with the whole teasing and thesis statements. Let's get started!

The box!



Box is your standard Generations voyager packaging, but I thought the poster version of his box portrait was nice. Dunno why but it looked very nice.

Breaking out of the plastic prison (robot mode)







Tuesday, May 10, 2016

IGear W-01 Kup and Perceptor upgrade kit review

Before Unite Warriors Bruticus gets his due, I decided to look around my un-opened stash of TF figures and I came across this. I pretty much forgot that I bought this upgrade kit, but I remember hastily putting this in my shopping cart because I was on a TF shopping spree a while back. Without further delay, pics for your viewing pleasure.



Thursday, September 10, 2015

Takara Tomy Unite Warriors Menasor UW-02 review part 2 of 2

Menasor! With Menasor now in the picture, the Aerialbots have met their match... or have they? How does Menasor do in comparison with Superion? Does it pale in comparison or is it another hit with Takara/Hasbro? Let the pics fly.

UW-02 Takara Tomy

 He looks decent, does he not? Sadly, the complaints start to appear here. He doesn't have the best hips in the world, nor is it that good looking. Because he has a bulky top thanks to Motormaster, Menasor falls a lot. This guy has trouble standing. Many fans have complained about how awkward he looks thanks to the hips once again, but there is a quick remedy for this though it still doesn't prevent him much from falling. He does look a little better but that still isn't saying much. You can toggle with his legs the way you want, here is how I prefer it if I wanted to. Not to mention it makes him a little taller.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Takara Tomy Unite Warriors Menasor UW-02 review part 1 of 2

Good September to you all! Been really busy as I finally got around to shooting some pics on the latest Takara Tomy combiner release: Menasor! So without further delay, let's get started!

Boxing and packaging:




So the Decepticon combiner comes in a box set very similar to the Superion set. You get the original Stunticon team which also includes Wildrider, who was originally omitted in the western release due to his departure from the team in the IDW comics. He was replaced by Offroad for a short period of time before the west decided to release their own version of Quickslinger (Slingshot) and Brake-Neck (Wild Rider). What is included here you see is the instruction manual and a quick cheat sheet ( I think) on how to transform the limbs in Japanese. Behind the manual is an artist rendering of the Stunticons on the race track doing their own racing. You can see Metroplex and the Aerialbots also in the background. 

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