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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Powerglide review (2015) Guest star: Unite Warriors Superion

It was inevitable that Powerglide would join the fray. Billed as a part of the combiner war legacy, does Powerglide fare great? First off, it took me a while to get him because I was debating whether to spend an extra few bucks just to get the Japanese version. I decided to stick with the western release because I hated the autobot sticker on the Japanese one. Seriously, what were they thinking? Now on with the pics like usual. Sorry for the loads of dust on the black floors.


This is probably the last time I am buying an TF figure from Amazon. First off, I bought Tailgate and the package came all creased up. Now, it you look carefully on the first pic, the box is slightly creased and it seemed as it was opened to begin with. It was taped in between the Powerglide portrait and the actual figure itself. And Amazon had the balls to decrease the price after I bought it for $10.88; they decreased the price back to retail $9.99 after I bought it. I love Amazon, but I seem to feel so disappointed every time I buy TF figures from them. Never again unless if have to. 


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