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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Thank Jesus for a good day in Moab, Utah 2/26/17 Day 4 of 4. Arches National Park 2 and finale.

 Return to Arches; we came back here roughly around 830AM to 900AM.

Balance Rock and scenery. 

The Windows (North And South)


Turret Arch




The Double Arch lies ahead. 

This was a nice hike. We were pressed for time so we ended the arch hikes here. It was nice while it lasted but thank you to Che and Tram for their time. It was a 3.5 hr drive back to Salt Lake City. We stopped by an Arby's for snacks and food.




Had the animal burger and animal fries. Never had In and Out burger for a while but I'm glad I did because it is still awesome! Went home the following day back to Hawaii. Had a layover in Los Angeles and watched a couple films on the jet. Came home eating ramen at Goma-Tei. Thank Jesus for a wonderful vacation in Utah.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thank Jesus for a good day in Moab, Utah 2/25/17 Day 3 of 4. Arches National Park

Aloha, so me and the Lozano couple decided to take the day to Moab, Utah. We had to drop Mateo off to their relatives so we had breakfast at Ihop at first. The drive to Moab was 3.5 hrs so road trip!

We didn't arrive to Moab until nearly 3PM that very day. We stopped by our hotel to drop our things and then it was Arches national park as we go!






3 Gossips?

Lots of scenic routes. The pics will do the talking here. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thank Jesus for a good day in Utah 2/24/17 Day 2 of 4. Brighton Ski Resort Utah.

Aloha. Without delay me and Che went to Brighton to go snowboarding! First we had to take Mateo to his daycare. We then went to Ski N See to rent our boots and boards. We grabbed some refreshments and food ( Mcdonalds) en route to Brighton. By the time we got close to Brighton, there was major traffic. We pulled closer to the scene to see what was causing the congestion, a cop blocked off traffic possibly due to some accident. We didn't get to our destination until 12:30PM.

Bustin a move?!?

That was pretty much my day. Me and Che took lessons though Che really excelled at the sport fairly quickly. We stayed nearly 5 hrs. Every bone and muscle of my body was sore. It was fun though I kept falling on my butt a lot because I simply had difficulty braking. We went home around after 6ish and we called it a day; though we returned our boards first.  I didn't go out to eat because I was tired then. Though I didn't take much pics, we had a pretty good, long day. Thank you for a good day Jesus!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Thank Jesus for a good day in Utah 2/23/17 Day 1 of 4 Salt Lake City.

Aloha in Utah! Today we venture into the Beehive state. I wanted to see the snow and snowboard so what better place than Utah! I took a red eye flight and landed in Salt Lake City Airport a little before 7AM. Results? Snowing as promised.

My old friend Tram picked me up from SLC and we arrived to her home to be greeted by Che (another old work buddy and husband to Tram), their Kid Mateo, and dog Lilo.

Tram whipped us some delicious breakfast burritos. Afterwards, we set off to see the area of Salt Lake City.

The Main Mormon Church



The church is beautiful. You can tour around the area but if you ain't a member you can't set foot in the main church. However, you could visit the visitor's area in the vicinity. We drove around the city and I took random pictures in the car. I will admit that I should I asked Tram to bring me to Vivint Smart Home Arena where the Utah Jazz play. Better luck next time.



Natural History Museum of Utah


For more info go to: Natural History Musuem of Utah

Good for the kids and lots of info of Utah's past.

Eating at Red Robins!


Well that actually concluded my day. I stopped by a Trader Joe's to shop for gifts and supplies. We then went home to Tram's place and called it a night. I was pretty Jetlagged and that pretty much explains it all. Later folks. See you in day 2.