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Monday, April 10, 2017

Thank God for a good day in Maui 3/30/17 Day 4 Twin Falls and eats! (Final).

"Ye are blessed of the LORD which made heaven and earth." Psalm 115:15 KJV

Following a day with a nice sunset and awesome Italian dinner, the heroic trio return to Honolulu as their Maui trip comes to a close. But their flight doesn't leave until 9:45PM that night. This leaves ample time to run around the place and eat more food!

Last Walk on Maui Beach Hotel


I did one final walk in the beach taking pics and watching a lady play with her dogs. I eventually  did a little swim in the pool hotel. Our fuel for the morning was leftovers from Da Kitchen from a few days ago. Close to check out time which was noon, we went to order some Manju from Sam Sato's. We also ate at King's BBQ and Chinese restaurant. I didn't yelp this place but I thought at first it was actual Chinese food but it was more closer to L&L style. I bought the steak which was good. Nothing fancy but just good enough. 

Twin Falls




Super easy short and easy hike. There are two paths but we didn't do the 2nd one. The first one is easily accessible by walking to your left after a few minutes (top of the mini falls). However, if you want to get to the bottom where you see the people swimming, you need to do a very short hike to the bottom. Just be careful when doing so, I was carrying my camera with my hand so I had to be cautious in not falling or tripping. You have to also cross a stream so get ready to get a little wet. Somebody's dog was waiting for one of the families swimming. There was also a dude that dived into the pools. Looks shallow but thank God he didn't get hurt. His girlfriend though chose not to do it. Better safe than sorry.

The 2nd falls is behind a door whose label clearly indicates that you must be experienced to hike that section. We didn't do it though I heard it was another 10 min hike but you will really need to get your feet wet to do this one, so bring extra socks, shoes or slippas!

Tasaka Guri Guri

Not much going on here but we went back to Kahului side to pick up some dessert. We also bought Manju's from Home Maid Bakery prior to coming back. Sam Sato's messed up our Manju order but we bought the wrong stuff regardless.

Blue Moon Cafe



After killing some time in Maui Mall, we drove around Kihei.  The malls here are less than stellar but the beaches are nice. We finally stopped by Blue Moon Cafe to eat in. I heard it was a good place to eat. When I saw the menu I was a little put off because the dishes sound so simple. I bought the Fettuccine with Alfredo sauce and Cajun Chicken while my brother and his wife got the Meatloaf and Vegetable Chow fun respectively. Guess what? I loved my pasta! It was awesome Pasta! It looks and sounds simple but I was really impressed. The Chow fun here tasted pretty good too. I didn't try my brother's meat loaf though he said it was ok. If you are around Kihei, you have to give this place a shot. 

After that, it was nightfall. We tanked up at Costco back in town and walked around K-Mart which announced their closing. So sad. We went to Maui's Target as well. We then waited for our flight back home. The flight was surprisingly pretty empty. It's been awhile since I had a flight that was nowhere near half full. I wish I had a flight like that to really long distance areas. Thank You God for a fun and safe island hopping trip. Mahalos and take care folks. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thank God for a good day in Maui 3/29/17 Day 3 Nakalele Blowhole and Sunset at Haleakala.

After a long day of hikes on day 2, we decided to set foot out of our hotel a little after 8AM. Since we missed the Nakalele Blowhole and a few spots in Lahaina side, our goal was to find these areas once and for all. But first, since I was a early morning bird, I walked around the beach taking photos of Maui Beach Hotel area.


Tamron zoom lens special again!





Hah, I ended up taking pictures of a couple of strangers backs. Forgive me, it was good practice. I was actually okay with the results. The night before I learned online how to take some decent pictures manipulating shutter speed with the zoom lens. Some I toggled with the ISO which gives the picture a bit more clarity but causes a bit of "noise" at the same time (zoom at the pic with the cargo boat). 
I'm no pro but I was glad to utilize my zoom lenses much better than I did when I was at Wai'anapanapa beach.  Me and the husband/wife team set foot short after.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Thank God for a good day in Maui 3/28/17 Day 2 Road to Hana/Pipiwai Trail.

Psalm 23:4 NKJV

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil;
For You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me 

Aloha! Day 2 is here! Let's get started!

Tasty Crust



Had to try this local delish out due to yelp and internet recommendations. I had the mini local moco and my brother and his wife had the rest. The food was good. Something to start your day with. I heard they are famous for their pancakes but I didn't try it out. I should had.... oh well.

Food to go: Sam Sato's


We ended stopping by here which is also close to Tasty Crust for take out for our hiking trip. We bought some thick assorted noodles to feed the three of us. 

Road to Hana/Pipiwai Trail/Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe'o

Road to Hana Scenery

So the overall objective was for us to get to the Pipiwai trail on this day. In order to do so, you must go through the dreaded Road to Hana. This road is full of curves, 54- one lane bridges, and loads of narrow roads. It took nearly two hours for us to get from Wailuku/Kahului side to arrive to our destination. To make matters worse, once you thought you were done with the Hana Hwy, there are a few more one lane bridges and narrow roads in order to get to the Pipiwai Trail. Move out early because Maui is full of mainland tourists that the roads become very jampacked after 10AM. This even goes for the Road to Hana. It also doesn't help that the locals drive like maniacs even on these roads. The good thing about this road is that there are lots of waterfall pit stops for you to take pics. There are also hidden gems if you do researches online but that wasn't my goal for the day. 

Pipiwai Trail/Waimoku Falls





We finally got here. The Pipiwai trail is part of the Haleakala National Park establishment. The parking here is $20 and make sure you save the receipt because the receipt is good for three days and you can use it on other Haleakala monuments. It was a very hot day but the trail was nice. You will encounter a Banyan tree, a nice, serenading Bamboo forest, mini-stream rivers, and eventually the Waimoku Falls. Sadly, I was disappointed because due to heavy rain a few months ago, getting up close to the falls was closed off. An old man actually entered despite being warned by some bystanders. I thought about it too but since people were looking and I had family with me, I decided to not do it and not get fined. Just google search Waimoku Falls and you will see people swimming in the falls and taking pictures up close. Man, I was really bummed. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Thank God for a good day in Maui 3/27/17 Day 1 Lahaina and Dragon's Teeth.

"All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." John 1:3 KJV

Maui no ka oi! Finally I was able to return to Maui after 8 years. Any changes? Albeit a few such like increase in traffic and some store changes, Maui remains mostly the same. I took a 10:00AM flight from Oahu and landed roughly around 10:30AM in OGG (Kahului Airport). Without delay, let's get started.

I checked into Maui Beach Hotel where my brother and his wife was staying the night before. Dropped our things and quickly headed out to Lahaina. First stop: Fuel for the body:

Star Noodle


Thank you Christina Leiting Hu for these foodie pics. 

Filipino Style Bacon and Eggs.


The food was onolicious! I had to eat less due to me having acid reflux-like issues, but this was a very good pit stop for all of us. We shared it of course, but even the Filipino Style Bacon and Eggs took me by surprise. This is a must try out place if you are in the Lahaina area. There is even a nice looking church adjacent to this place. The drawback is that many people come here so you may have to wait. 

Snorkel Bobs Lahaina

The Shark is laughing. No joke