Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Xbox 360 Rock Candy controller for the Xbox 360 review

Xbox 360 Rock Candy Controller review

Ever since my PS 3 broke down over two years ago, I've been reduced to watching Youtube videos of Resident Evil 5 gameplay. I ended up getting Resident Evil 5 on the PC after all because I enjoyed it a lot on the PS 3. However, gameplay was slow because I had a weak Athlon 3000 XP processor chip. My vid card finally gave out prompting me to buy a new comp, one that has a superior processor plus vid card.

I did not want to play Resident Evil 5 using a keyboard though you had precise aiming with the mouse. So I went to my nearest Target and picked this up for $24.99 plus tax.

I never really played Xbox in my life. It was all Nintendo and Sony for me. So the Rock candy controller is pretty much my first experience dealing with the Xbox 360, and the controller works very well for Resident Evil 5 . As you can tell it is also PC-USB compatible. The control layout is easy to use and is almost similar to the PS 3 controller albeit a bit bulkier.

The controls I used for Resident Evil 5 were type D controls. I won't go into it much except you can look it up online. I had to get used to the game toggling between shoot and knifing since both buttons were close to each other. Also, I am not familiar with the Xbox controls of A and B (look at the pic). I'm used to Super Nintendo controls so if that Rock Candy controller was a Nintendo controller I kept mistaking A for B and vice versa. Every time a command prompt came out in the game to press B, I kept pressing A and the game punished me for pressing the wrong button. For an odd reason, I do fine with X and Y.  It took me a while to get used to the controls, but this is all user preference and the controller design is just fine.

All I have to say is that my impression on this controller is excellent. Most people dread when they see 3rd party controllers but Rock Candy gets the job done. If you are on a budget, this controller works and feel just fine. Its very comfortable in your hands, and the buttons and controls feel sturdy. It comes with rumble and the controller colors vary (I got green as you can tell), and the case is translucent so you can see the circuitry very easily.

My only gripe was that the box it came with was very cumbersome to remove. I had to kill it with a knife and not knife the controller at the same time. I was already having my live RE 5 experience by then.

Can't go wrong this controller, if you need to save money, Rock Candy is the way to go. You may find the controller cheaper in other stores, and if you do, good for you!

Friday, June 7, 2013

After Earth quick review

Before I give my quick two cents,  I do notice all over the world wide web there is this hate for Will Smith due to nepotism. Will Smith seriously takes a back-seat in this film (also looking very bored) in favor of making his real-life flesh and blood, Jaden Smith, the protagonist.

Jaden's character gets the job done, but Jaden Smith, as an actor, pulls the same expressions as he did in Karate Kid (another film blasted for nepotism though Will Smith doesn't appear until the end credits). When Jaden is angry, he's like meh. When he is happy, he is like meh. When he is sad, he is like meh. You get the drill.

Overall, I thought the film wasn't as bad as most people or critics put it out to be. The special effects were nice and the film had a decent pacing to it, though nothing surprising really ever happens. Jaden's acting was bland I'll admit and his character wasn't that interesting, but he is the main focus and the audience just has to deal with it. M. Night Shyamalan directed this film, but it really feels like this was a Will Smith driven film. I personally don't have anything against Shyamalan, but I can't say I enjoy the work he's produced. The last two films I saw from Shyamalan was Lady in the Water and Airbender, and both films were really mediocre at best. After Earth is a decent effort, but nothing to really brag home about. I don't think you can really expect much either when this whole film was about survival. When the film ended, one member of the audience actually clapped. So I guess it was good for something.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What's with the Hawaiian miles toolbar now?

I guess after years of people "spamming" searches, Hawaiian airlines capped the miles limit to 33 miles per day. Yes, you didn't hear that wrong, after earning 33 miles through the Hawaiian miles search toolbar, the words "Maximum Rewards Earned" gets displayed preventing you from earning any more miles until 24 hrs from your last search.

I remember reading blogs about how people could get up 5,000 miles a month, but with this new ceiling fix, I highly doubt this level can ever be reached again. Still 231 miles a week isn't so bad, but just wished they did not implement this new feature. Sucks that I just started this program not too long ago.

For anyone interested, look for the toolbar download here:


I think the advertisement got it wrong, but letting you folks know that it takes 3 searches to equal one mile, so it took me 99 searches to make 33 miles. I wonder why its capped at that number, hope its not a freemason occult thing.

*update* August 3, 2013

So I've been using the milefinder thus far and earning some pretty cool bonus miles. So the miles cap at 1000 miles no matter what. So even if you have an extra day, like how some months have 31 days, you only can get the extra 10 miles and that's it. Worst case is that you can only acquire 33 miles a day no matter what happens.  So let's say you didn't use the toolbar finder for 29 days, you figure you could earn the 900+ miles in the last day, right? Nope, you only get 33 a day so you would had lucked out. 

Good luck in this new system. I'm heading to on a trip next week and I'm going to miss over a weeks worth of miles. That'll suck.

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