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Monday, April 2, 2018

Nintendo Switch: Squareboy vs Bullies: Arena Edition Review!

Hiya Folks, today I am going to do something a little different. Long story cut short; my family bought me a Neon Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Super Mario Odyssey was the only game I was playing for a while (good game btw). I finally decided to go to Nintendo's E-Shop to purchase more games to get me occupied momentarily till I get Legend of Zelda or maybe even Street Fighter's 30 anniversary collection. So first game I purchase was Squareboy vs Bullies: Arena Edition. How did it fare? let's get started!

Gameplay and storyline:

You play as the character named, well, try guess? Squareboy! SB gets bullied by the bullies (yes, that is their gang name) and he seeks revenge by training with a dojo master he refers to as just sensei. SB takes the streets and beats up his attackers. Eventually, we discover ninja bullies are involved and due to SB's interference, his sensei's dojo is trashed and SB thirsts for more justice! You end up fighting on a ship deck and construction site soon after. Thrash them bullies, need I say more?

The game features co-op though this review is written as a one player conquest. Some time has passed and Squareboy now knows Kung Fu. How you use it determines how swiftly you destroy your enemies. You can perform various moves by pressing various combinations with your Joy-con stick and pressing B to attack with A to jump. So this game is really just a two button masher for the most part, but like I said your moves vary depending on the input sequences you put with your joystick. The x button is used only to pick up weapons and health items.

You unlock achievements by performing certain feats and you also have an extra modes which I am still working on. There is a arena mode which pretty much unlocks alternative stages by beating a certain amount of bullies. As you reach your goal, the game becomes more difficult due to a horde of bullies ganging up on you. You will learn to rely on your counter-attack move (a+b while getting hit) to get yourself out of tight spot. The gang up also occurs frequently during story mode though thanks to continues and memorizing bully patterns, you will beat the game within a few hours. Sad to say the gameplay is repetitive but you can't complain much once I get to the final words section.

What were they thinking?

It had to come to this but what is a game without its problems? First off, everybody knows in a beat-em up you can back multiple enemies to a corner and beat them up with the same combo till they all expire one by one. No such luck here. Unless you are using a spin kick or punch, one of your enemies will always manage to kick the stuffing out of you if you use this method, or least half of the time. This has been a tradition in most beat em games such as Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and even Double Dragon. It seems that your combos for the most part can only hit one enemy at a time.

The 2nd and final complaint is the grab move. In order to grab, you need to be near an enemy and press B. To attack your opponent, you just press B. Do you see the fallacy here? Sometimes you get so close to an enemy, SB ends up grabbing the enemy and starts knee bashing his opponent. So what's wrong with this? Let's go back to the first complaint. SB will just sometimes randomly grab one of his multiple back-upped opponent and then while you are knee bashing your opponent because you simply pressed B, the other enemy will punish you for doing so. Why couldn't the grab button be the Y button instead? To attack your foes, you need to get close and press B but you end up sometimes performing a grab instead. Seriously, what were the game developers thinking?

Graphics, controls and Sound:
Nothing too special here. This was meant to have an old-school look, feel and sound to the game. I sometimes found the controls to be tight in response and sometimes they were unresponsive but otherwise it played ok.

Final words:

Why I ain't complaining too much is that the game is only $4.99. You can either pick this up on Steam or Playstation if you don't own a Switch. The game is short and fairly easy to progress through. The game offers unlimited continues though you start back in the beginning of the stage if you lose. You get 25 reward points for purchasing this on the E-shop.  If you need something to pass the time, then Squareboy vs Bullies will do the job. Just don't expect anything out-of-this world phenomena to emerge from this game.

Link to pics:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Resident Evil Vendetta quick review 6/19 one night in theaters

Property of Sony pictures

Haven't done a movie review for a long time, so I had one night to get out of my sick bed and what I do? Watch the latest Resident Evil movie that is not based on the Milla Jovovich franchise. Well, I won't get much into plot details but I will state the goods and the bads in a jippy. *May contain some spoilers* The film takes place in between Resident Evil 6 and 7 the video games.

+ Leon and Chris are back and together and they form an unstoppable tag team (like most of you fans can't figure this out.)

+ The action is top notch; prior to the film there is a quick 10-15 documentary on how they filmed this movie using the extensive technique of motion capture. The action can be anywhere to awesome to incredibly insane; the Leon/dogs chase scene is one of them. Just over-the-top chase with a hilarious finish.

+ Leon's first meet up with Chris and Rebecca is a nice touch. If you went through what Leon did in his past history, you feel the same way as well. Glad to see the makers give him this personality. 

+ Rebecca Chambers who have been long gone since Resident Evil Zero/Umbrella Chronicles makes her long awaited return. 

+ CGI along with the action is getting more smoother and nicer as the series progress.

- Rebecca's long awaited return leads to her being nothing more than a damsel in distress though she does play a big vital role in stopping the outbreak virus in this film. She does kinda explain why she has become the character she is in the film ever since the Raccoon city incident. 

- Story becomes a little predictable with little or no actual twists. Resident Evil Damnation, the previous film that serves as a gap in between Resident Evil 5 and 6 had a few. This one, especially the villain who goes by the name of Glen Arias doesn't surprise viewers much in why he is creating another world catastrophe. There is one part in the movie where he intends to keep Rebecca alive is already spoiled somewhere in his intro. Very predictable. You will see what I mean if you watch the film. 

- Realists will find the action a little too far fetched. No surprise. Did you expect the protagonists to die here. Leon was hit by giant Tyrants in the previous film and he got up just fine. You expect here to be any different? 

- You have to at least get the story of the games to understand this movie.

- You get a character that looks like Trish from the Devil may Cry series who doesn't get much development here though she appears to be important towards the end of the film. 

- You also get the brutes (the enforcer type) villains who just so happen to be a staple of the RE series (Nemesis, Tyrants, El Gigantes, NDesu, and you feel my drift). Just no character development here again. 

+/- In the final act, our heroes must rescue Rebecca, find a cure, fight the villain not once but twice, and a whole horde of Zombies within 20 minutes (yes, it is timed by Chris). Who wins that is up for you to guess but all of that in 20 minutes? That's movies for you.

+/-Also I miss Roger Craig Smith as the voice of Chris Redfield but oh well. 

Yeah, this movie ain't perfect but it shows that Vendetta has come a long way since Degeneration. It's worth a watch especially for the fans of the games. I actually enjoyed it. Lot's of people actually turned out to watch it. I was amazed by that. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gamestop white Gamecube controller review

Well, I didn't want to do this review but after playing my favorite game: Megaman X collection on my Wii, I felt like i had to. First off, I'm not sure if Gamestop still sells this controller anymore because it is roughly about two years old. I bought it for $14.99 and did not open the product until somewhere a few months ago. I decided to revisit Mario 64 I downloaded from the Wii shop. The result was a disaster because my character couldn't stop moving left. As soon as you touch the joystick, your character automatically moves left. You have to pull the joystick up a little just to get your character to stop moving. As soon as you slightly touch the stick, your character moves left again. I had to buy the Mario controller I reviewed then. The official Nintendo products work like a charm!

Now, I decided to play the Megaman x collection for the Gamecube on the Wii. Here is where the headaches spawn. Don't touch the joystick again other wise you will move left automatically. Our last hope would be the d-pad... whew! sigh of relief! Not! The D-pad is stiff as heck. The up and down buttons on the direction pad seems to be closely tied to the left and right buttons on the direction pad. Every time I press down, 50% of the time, X or Zero (the heroes of the series) will move left or right (ducking feature is only in X5 and X6). The same ratio applies when I am pressing up. As you can tell, I've walked into enemy fire numerous times, or even worse, fell into the spikes. The buttons work occasionally though sometimes they can become unresponsive. Sometimes I press the dash button when I am in the air as a tactic against some bosses (Rangda Bangda in X5). Result, I fell into spikes or onto an enemy because the command somehow didn't register. The Z button which is often used as the Giga attack or Nova Strike is stiff as well. You have to press it so hard to make it work and it makes a very loud sound as you press it. The same thing goes for turbo button though I have yet to make good use of it. Just a loud annoying sound as you press the button.

So this is the last time I am buying a gamestop controller. I bought one in the past and that one worked much better than this one, though it had an awkward problem of registering the L button as the start button in some games. Not to mention, the x button gave out fairly quickly; my bird chewed up the cord on that one if you are wondering what happened to that controller. So folks, pay the extra $10 to get a non-headache inducing Nintendo brand Gamecube controller. Avoid third parties at all costs though my Rock candy controller for the xbox/pc is awesome!

Verdict: Not worth it

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mario Wii U Fightpad controller Quick review

I decided to pick this up after my Gamestop Gamecube controller wasn't functioning properly. When playing any game, the characters would always venture left and I had to keep popping the joystick back up or toggle with it till the character stopped moving. When I pressed on the joystick, the character just went "left" all over again. This is the 2nd time that Gamestop controllers had given me issues. I finally decided to just go to Wal-Mart and pick up a Nintendo brand controller; I had a classic controller but one day a bunch of ants decided to hibernate in the handheld. I fumigated the controller, took it apart, killed the remaining ants, and put the controller back together short after. Surprisingly, the controller still worked though the down button on the Dpad is very stiff now. If one button is out of order, I simply replace the controller. I'm that strict, yes, i know.

Box Covers



Looks good. No complaints here. The only version they had in my local Wal-Mart was the Mario one. In the back cover, you can see advertisement for a Peach or Yoshi controller. Mario is awesome, so no qualms here once again. 

Controller out!


So you can that it uses the trademark colors of the respective character you are buying. In this, Mario is Red and blue. The layout looks identical to that of the Gamecube. The only difference is that the controller plugs into the Wiimote only and the joystick is slightly larger than the original cube controllers.

Functionality and replayability (final results):

I know some of you folks are probably thinking that I will be reviewing this controller due to Smash Bros from which this controller was intended for. Sadly, I don't own a Wii U but this controller is backward compatible with the original Wii and that is why I bought it for. I have a couple Virtual console games that I decided to re-visit. So if you are looking for Wii U playability, look elsewhere now. Otherwise, I can tell you that this controller is awesome! I am mainly using this for Mario 64 on the VC, but this controller works amazing. The buttons are very responsive, no awkward joystick toggling like how the Gamestop controllers are giving me, and the feel is very comforting I might add. I pretty much have no doubt if I tried this on the Wii U, I be amazed on it's comfort and durability. After 10+ years, Nintendo brand GC controllers still got the touch! My real qualm on this, however, is that it only works on the Virtual Console, Wii, and Wii U. That means, if you decided to play a Gamecube game on the Wii, this controller doesn't work. You won't be able to plug this bugger into a Gamecube port let alone. Overall, you are probably better off getting a Gamecube controller (with an GC port) and buying a Hub in order for you to play it on the Wii U. Why you ask? At least you have the GC ports on the original Wii if you decided to replay GC games. Last but not least, I got this controller for $29 tax included. In Amazon, you can get this controller for $10 less though you would need to purchase another $15 item to get the free shipping. So choices, choices, choices..... If you don't care about the Gamecube, then by all means, get this controller. Overall, this Mario Wii U fightpad as a controller is an awesome one. For me, its Nintendo brand all the way and no more third party nonsense for me anymore. See you next time (in Mario's voice). 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

A step into the past: Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition (2010)! Not a Review!

I was browsing through my old Flickr account which I haven't used in years and came across this. Wow, I kinda forgot I had all this which is in storage right now. Though I don't have time to play games much these days, I remember having a blast with Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. Let the pics do the talking. The headband is a gamestop pre-order bonus. Yes, and let me rant on Gamestop on that day. Gamestop didn't get the shipment on the day of release and they rudely told all their customers that because we live in Hawaii, shipping was delayed. The guy didn't want to help any one at all by the look of his expression. Load of monkey manure because I used to work retail and I tell you games, especially popular games, we would receive them nearly a week or a month in advance. Gamestop always manages to piss customers off. To make it worse, lying when you could had just said "sorry, we didn't get the shipment in yet." What's hard about telling the truth? Anyways, for your viewing pleasure. Click on link for a few more pics.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Xbox 360 Rock Candy controller for the Xbox 360 review

Xbox 360 Rock Candy Controller review

Ever since my PS 3 broke down over two years ago, I've been reduced to watching Youtube videos of Resident Evil 5 gameplay. I ended up getting Resident Evil 5 on the PC after all because I enjoyed it a lot on the PS 3. However, gameplay was slow because I had a weak Athlon 3000 XP processor chip. My vid card finally gave out prompting me to buy a new comp, one that has a superior processor plus vid card.

I did not want to play Resident Evil 5 using a keyboard though you had precise aiming with the mouse. So I went to my nearest Target and picked this up for $24.99 plus tax.

I never really played Xbox in my life. It was all Nintendo and Sony for me. So the Rock candy controller is pretty much my first experience dealing with the Xbox 360, and the controller works very well for Resident Evil 5 . As you can tell it is also PC-USB compatible. The control layout is easy to use and is almost similar to the PS 3 controller albeit a bit bulkier.

The controls I used for Resident Evil 5 were type D controls. I won't go into it much except you can look it up online. I had to get used to the game toggling between shoot and knifing since both buttons were close to each other. Also, I am not familiar with the Xbox controls of A and B (look at the pic). I'm used to Super Nintendo controls so if that Rock Candy controller was a Nintendo controller I kept mistaking A for B and vice versa. Every time a command prompt came out in the game to press B, I kept pressing A and the game punished me for pressing the wrong button. For an odd reason, I do fine with X and Y.  It took me a while to get used to the controls, but this is all user preference and the controller design is just fine.

All I have to say is that my impression on this controller is excellent. Most people dread when they see 3rd party controllers but Rock Candy gets the job done. If you are on a budget, this controller works and feel just fine. Its very comfortable in your hands, and the buttons and controls feel sturdy. It comes with rumble and the controller colors vary (I got green as you can tell), and the case is translucent so you can see the circuitry very easily.

My only gripe was that the box it came with was very cumbersome to remove. I had to kill it with a knife and not knife the controller at the same time. I was already having my live RE 5 experience by then.

Can't go wrong this controller, if you need to save money, Rock Candy is the way to go. You may find the controller cheaper in other stores, and if you do, good for you!