Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Transformers Classics Retrospective look! Transformers Universe Prowl (2008)

At this point, I started to buy TF figures mad-like crazy! I was shopping at Hasbrotoyshop.com and came across SDCC 2010 Blaster, Universe Prowl, and Universe Smokescreen. I also had Henkei Skyfire at this point, though awkwardly, I was opening random figures and not opening them in the fashion and order that I buy my figures.  Guess what? Its four years now and Universe Smokescreen is still MISB in my collection. I eventually opened up Skyfire though it probably wasn't until a year later. On a side note: SDCC 2010 Blaster is also MISB as well.

So i couldn't pass up on Prowl since he had a pretty close resemblance to his G1 figure. Here are pics of his vehicle mode and boxing. Once again, pics were taken in the past before I learned to really pose with them.

Universe Prowl Transformers Classics
Classics Prowl

Monday, October 27, 2014

Transformers Classics Retrospective look! Henkei Sunstreaker! C-07

Michael Bays Transformers brought Transformers back to the big screen, but it also re-vitalized interest for some TF fans such as myself . The year was 2010 and though some of the G1 re-issue figures caught my interest, I realized Hasbro/Takara Tomy were releasing these "classic" figures by giving them a modern look as of today. The line started somewhere around 2006 and it continues on today. Some people call this the Generation 3 line. In the west, Hasbro released updated models of the G1 heroes/Villains and were branded and released as the Classics and Universe line that was eventually renamed the Generations Line. The western releases, however, left a lot to be desired because a few releases such like Megatron, Cyclonus, Starscream version 1, and Smokescreen etc..  had awkward color schemes from their G1 counterparts. Takara Tomy Japan weren't far behind as they released their version of Universe/Generations into the "Henkei Henkei" line. What made Takara's figures standout in comparison to the Hasbro line was that their figures sported a more cartoon accurate paint job with chrome guns, chrome spoilers, and chrome on different areas. Takara Tomy was often hailed as the more superior bunch though the random chrome on certain figures like Grimlock, Galvatron, and a few others had people getting the more affordable western version. So collectors often mixed up their collection with both Japanese and western releases. Be thankful that you had more options then just eating slice bread.

Front cover

back cover

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