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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Toy Review: Takara Generations Metroplex w/Scamper TG-23 review part 1 of 3!

At long last! 5 years out of his cage, Metroplex heeds the call of the last prime! I figured it was time to test the waters on this guy and man was I not disappointed.... at least not yet. Today I will take a look at robot modes for both Metroplex and Scamper. Part II will deal with alt modes and such while part III will deal with add on stickers and other things I missed in the first two parts. Without delay, let's get started!

*Warning: This is the Takara Generations release from 2013 and not the re-release of the Legends figure. Hence, there is no Manga (comic). Not to mention the voice clips in this release are English. I heard the re-release is now in Japanese. *

Boxing and contents





Man, that is one huge box to encase a huge figure! I will get to this part later on. It was actually a pain to remove Metroplex from his prison box because he is twist-tied and taped heavily into all these individual black brackets. It took me some time but he was freed at last. On the side of the box was his instruction manual plus stickers that are needed to give him some more detail. Its optional though. Anyhow, next category.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Toy Review: Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors LynxMaster aka Sky Reign UW-EX 2 of 2! Combiner wars

In our last episode, the owner of this blog was not too impressed with the pics he took. So therefore he tried his best this episode to make the pics look more sharper. Tune in now for the epic final conclusion of the Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors LynxMaster part 2 review!

Lynx mode ( unofficial mode)


In the last review I was disappointed that Sky Lynx wasn't able to break up into two parts; one being his bird mode and one being the Lynx mode featured in the original G1 toys and cartoons.  The Lynx mode is featured here as the combined version when the warriors unite. This is probably the closest I can configure him into looking like his G1 Lynx mode. He looks like he is doing the hula in the above pics. Having too much fun I guess.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors LynxMaster aka Sky Reign UW-EX Review 1 of 2! Combiner wars

LynxMaster is now up. I always debated whether I should had got the G1 re-release of Sky Lynx or not. Thank God I didn't for HasTak decided to release a classics version of him. With him are CW/UW versions of Hound, Wheeljack, Trailbreaker, and the exclusive Ratchet! I'm gonna say before you start viewing the pictures here and that is I hated some of how the pics turned out in the photoshoot especially the vs comparisons. They look really soft for the most part. I guess I still have to practice my photography. It's never ending in that aspect. Anyhow, Let's get started!

Collectors Coin





Instruction Manual. 


I bought LynxMaster from I notice the TF figures that I buy are exclusives, they tend to come with a collector's coin plus outer boxing for the figure. For the comic, Sky Lynx and the crew are performing for Optimus Prime, Iron-Hide, Hot Spot, and what appears to be Blades. I could be wrong on the last guy. There are also some characters from the episode Carnage in C-Minor also dubbed the worst Transformers G1 episode in history. 

Looking good. I really love how LynxMaster stands tall on the box artwork. You can see a silhouette of Sky Lynx dropping the rest of the crew from the sky. 

A comic book was established for G1 continuity. You can read it here though it is in Japanese and it does not explain why Ratchet is still alive after he was killed in Transformers the Movie (1986). The comic also reveals Megatronia who is another Unite Warriors exclusive. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Toy Review: Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors Computron aka Computicon UW-08 2 of 2! Combiner wars

Aloha folks, the final portion of the Computron review has arrived. After I was astounded by the individual figures, does his combine form hold up or is it a let down? Let's get started!





This guy rocks! Not only is Computron eye candy, he is built very well. He stands now, imo, the best of all the combiners released. If you read all my previous Unite Warriors review, most of the time, majority of the figures have trouble standing, Menasor being the worst of all.  You have to adjust little to none to make him sturdy. Did I mention, he is easy on the eyes as well? I love how you can place most of his weapons to combine one big weapon. A very big step up from the Combiner wars version. I love how Takara also tweaked his chest from Superion's to give him the computing look. If Takara added electronic effects to his chest, then Computron would be perfect! He still has the normal Hands, Guns, and Feet (HFG) but no problem for he stands up well with the HFG you are given to work with. Another highlight here is using Nosecone's drill for added fun! As for Afterburner, he looks good as a limb. For the most part, he looks bright red. Possibly Takara decided to do this to make him look like a toss up between red and orange. I think he plays out nicely here.

Well, overall, even though I don't own Combiner wars Computron, this is Computron! Everytime I look at the CW version, I can't help but feel like I'm seeing red Superion. Their version of Afterburner is probably the only decent thing in comparison to the UW molds. Strafe doesn't look like Strafe even if the CW version is representing the G1 toy. And the CW Nosecone... must I say any more? I don't mind if you defend the CW version but what bothered me was that I read a ridiculous review on Amazon on how CW Afterburner is the appropriate color while negating the fact that the UW version went after the G1 cartoon colors. That review also mentioned that Lightsteed and CW Nosecone is far superior figure than the UW version. I mean, how? They vaguely resemble their G1 toy and definitely do not look like their cartoon counterparts at all. Admit it, the CW version only has Scrounge which is the weakest argument to justify why the CW version is better. I know I shouldn't let a review or two bother me, but it's sad that people are willing to go through lengths to soften the blow to make their toy product look better. Ugh... moving on.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Toy Review: Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors Computron aka Computicon UW-08 1 of 2! Combiner Wars

Happy New Year folks, I finally decided to get off my butt to shoot the long-awaited Computron. By now he is probably old news. I had him in storage since late Aug/early September. Was he worth that wait? Or should he had stayed in the box? Without delay, let's get to each individual Technobots.

Packaging and Out of the box

Transformers Unite Warriors Technobots




The artwork is amazing! I love how Nosecone is drilling himself out of the ground as if he was a ground version of a humpback whale. It also reminds of me of the old TMNT days where the Shredder and his henchmen would use their transport modules to resurface from the underground. Love how Afterburner is popping a wheelie as well. As for the comic, it is Grimlock's birthday. As a refresher course, Grimlock gave birth (not literally) to the Technobots in the cartoon. Grimlock lost his infinite wisdom by giving it to Computron who utilized the data to incapacitate Abominus, a Decepticon combiner. Dirk Manus (G1 cartoon canon) is the human being alongside with his now canon daughter- Sue. According to sources online, Dirk got with Marissa Faireborn (also G1 canon) and she gave birth to Sue. Like mother, like Daughter, Sue played a prank on her father by giving him chocolate money whereas Marissa gave some rust like material to Dirk in one of the episodes. Poor guy, can't cut a break. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Takara Tomy Unite Warriors Menasor UW-02 review revisited.

Revisiting all the goodies prior to the site change and and the upcoming Computron release.

Click on the links for a blast to the past! (Well, a year or so ago that is)

Here are some samples, click on the links above for more pics.