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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Return to Makapu'u Lighthouse trail 8/31/17

Had nothing to do so I decide to head out to Makapu'u with a neighbor of mines. Was nice to do a brisk walk since I'm still recovering but that is in the Lord's hands.





Thank you Lord Jesus for a good and nice hike. I wish I could had brought my dog. We ate at Koko Marina after the hike, Greek Marina to be exact. Let the pics do the talking. Have a nice day folks.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 KJV

Friday, June 2, 2017

Thank you Jesus for a good day in Oahu 6/2/17: Hawaii Loa Ridge Hike

The 2nd of 3 sister hikes have been conquered: Hawaii Loa Ridge! Another friend who is visiting from Washington state insisted that we do a hike so today we chose Hawaii Loa Ridge. This hiking ridge is in between Wiliwilinui ridge and Kuliouou, the latter which I completed a few weeks ago. So I will be making a few comparisons to Kuliouou. Without further delay, let's get started!



Hawaii Loa Ridge


First off, this trail takes place in Hawaii Loa territory, where there is a clean and rich community that resides within here. In order to gain access, you must have a valid State I.D., Drivers License, or Military I.D. No exceptions otherwise. If the requirements are fulfilled, You will get a pass and sign a form for you and your passenger(s) from a gate guard. You will reach the Hawaii water reservoir to your right after a mile or two of driving and then proceed to park on the right. Remember to display the pass on your dashboard. Also remember to return the pass to the gate guard after you are finished with the hike. Additionally, the passes are limited so good luck on whether you can get one or not if little or lots of people decide to hike here. Thank God we got one.

The first part of the trail is easy as you enter a mini pine forest and go through some rocky terrain. The views get better and better as you progress. Sadly, the last half becomes dreadful, though I didn't take pics, you will go through a steep forest (was wet so watch your step), an enclosed-like rocky area (was wet too), and more...... you guess it, Stairs! The amount of stairs overwhelms the Kuliouou branch. Not to mention, the hike also consists of multiple hills, so you are going up and down and vice versa when coming back as opposed to Kuliouou's switchbacks. There are some ropes in a few areas to assist with your trekking up or down. Use it or don't. That is my advice.

The summit:

 Hawaii Loa Ridge


Just do it!
The summit is much smaller than Kuliouou's. We were joined by a few people before and after but the views here are much nicer, imo, than Kuliouou's. You get to see a large pool/watershed of some sort and the Windward side on a larger scale. You even see Maunawili which is a good photo op. The only drawback for this day was that it was very cloudy. I also heard that this hike tends to be known as "hiking in the clouds." I had no such luck but thank God for the decent view.

Random pics and lunch

Hawaii Loa Fruits
Hawaii Loa Ridge
I told you there was stairs!


Hawaii Loa Arch
Hawaii Loa Arch?

Hawaii Loa Ridge Panoramic

 Lunch at Pieology and Uncle Clay's.


Food for refuel! And then Dessert! Dessert was a little too sweet but Oishi nonetheless. Oh, the Pizza was awesome as well. Anyhow, thank you for reading. As for the hike itself, it was more strenuous than Kuliouou. It's a good hike but I doubt I'll be coming back to do this again unless if it's with a group. The overall hike took nearly 3.5 hrs roundtrip. Wiliwilinui is next I guess? Thank you Jesus for a good day and allowing me and my friend G.I. to survive this trail. Laters folks.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13, NKJV. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Thank You Jesus for a good day in Alapena and Kapena Falls 5/19/17

Today in Hawaii-Nei, I decided to do a quick early morning hike in my neighborhood at Alapena and Kapena falls. For 17 years of my life, I never knew this waterfall hike existed close to my house. There are two routes to get here: one being the Nuuanu memorial park and mortuary route and the Pali highway in the back. I went through the first route. Now be advised, there is a sign before you get into the trail that tells you that there is no trespassing. Some people say to take this route but did not forewarn me about the sign prior to the hike. If you don't want to do this, then you can go the back route which I will provide details later. Once you enter the trail, it should look like this.


Hike up at this point and you will reach the first fall: Alapena Falls in a few minutes.

 Alapena Falls

Alapena Falls
 Alapena Falls

Hike to the right at this point and you will do a couple switchback (stream crossing) hiking till you reach:

Kapena Falls

Kapena Falls
With Shutter

 Kapena Falls

I took a few minutes to enjoy this beauty while some mosquitoes tried to sap my blood. Many people like to dive off the rock here. There is a path here to the right that leads to the freeway as I mentioned earlier. It is to your right and you can't miss it.

This is how the backside looks like and a few steps away is where you can park your car (scenic route), but beware I saw glass on the floor and according to some people online, people do break in cars here so be careful. Also, if you take this route, it leads you to Kapena Falls right away. So you would need to hike down to Alapena from this point which isn't tough at all. I actually walked the freeway back home so that concluded my morning hike. I thank God I didn't get hurt especially I am still feeling ill but I was sick and tired of being bedridden for this entire week. I got this passage today before I headed out and I thank Jesus for the inspiration. Laters folks.

And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.
Mark 10:27 KJV

Updated *5/19/17  Howzitboyhikes found a upper trail which I didn't. You can seem to avoid all the stream crossings if that is your forte. It also brings you to the top of the falls easier. Oh well, maybe next time.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thank Jesus for a good day in Oahu: 5/4/17 Kuliouou ridge hike!

"In his hand are the deep places of the earth: the strength of the hills is his also." Psalm 95:4 KJV

Thank Jesus I finally got to do this hike.  When you arrive here (google maps), you park in a residential area. Please be courteous and don't block driveways, throw litter everywhere, and don't use the resident's hoses to cause a mess to people's houses. Don't pollute the trail as well. This is the reason why Mariner's ridge is now shut down to the public so if you want Kuliouou available as a trail still, please be courteous and clean up after yourselves in a respectable manner.


Well, it's pretty self explanatory here. on the 2nd pic, head to the right otherwise you will enter the Valley trail, but if it's the summit you are after, then you will head to the right. There will be another sign a little after you enter but follow the Ridge trail sign no matter what. From that point on, lots of zig-zagging and some steep climbs, but you should be safe if you take it nice and easy. Follow the pink ribbons too to not get loss.

Calm before the storm



You know you are almost there when you hit this tree arch, the bench and it's nice valley view, and a whole bunch of stairs! The stairs were created by the Sierra hiking club to prevent erosion. I have yet to hike the sister hikes namely Hawaii Loa Ridge and WiliwiliNui, but I hear they have steps as well. Anyhow once you manage to do all these steps you will reach the summit.

The Summit



Thank you Kevin for the last two pictures in this category. It was very breezy in the top which was a plus but too bad it was fairly cloudy to get a nice blue pic. I reached the top so I guess that was all that mattered. You get views of Hanauma bay, Koko Marina, Rabbit Island, and Koko Head mountain etc... We stayed for a bit before trekking back down. More people started to come but thank God we started early. By the time we got down, a car was waiting for my parking spot.

Tamron Zoom lenses special


I took a few shots with my zoom lenses but due to the strong wind, I had trouble getting steady shots. This was the best I did alongside some tinkering in Picasa.


Regained my strength back by eating Greek Marina in Koko Marina shopping center. Delicious! Had a Bubbies Smoothie too afterwards. I guess of all that workout I claimed back all those calories lost. Anyhow, that was the end as I dropped Kevin back home anticipating his return to Spokane in the weekend. Thank You Jesus that nobody got hurt and have a good day folks. 

"I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me" - (Phillipians 4:13, NJKV)
The flowers of Kuliouou

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