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Monday, January 12, 2015

Transformers Retrospective finale part III! Transformers Generatons, Henkei, Universe, Reveal the Shield, United, and Third party TF.

(1st row above: Generations Wheeljack and United Tracks. I shot them a 2nd time because I didn't lift their wings in robot mode properly at that time.)

So this is the finale of the pics I took in the past. I have no time to make retrospective posts about them anymore so I'll post the pics as a pictorial review. I will do my best to review figures that I haven't opened yet.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Transformers Retrospective finale part II! Transformers Generatons, Henkei, Universe, Reveal the Shield, United, and Third party TF.

Part II. Once again, I'm only focusing on blogging the figures that I haven't opened yet. I took these photos long ago and there is just too much for me to go back into writing. I still have a part III which is the final coming up.

 (First row: First pic: Thundercracker(blue), Skywarp (black), Starscream (red and white), Acid Storm (Green))

Friday, December 19, 2014

TFC-004 Gear of War Transformers Accessory Set for Mirage, Inferno, Sideswipe

Took me long enough to open and utilize these. For those new to the TF classics hobby, fans felt that figures like Inferno, Sideswipe, Red Alert, Mirage, and Soundwave was missing some trademark weapons. TFC catered to fan demand and created add ons such as Red Alert/Sideswipe's missile launchers, Inferno's ladder and arm cannon, Mirage's shoulder rocket and invisibility box, and an extra minion for Soundwave. The weapons were intended to be used for the Henkei versions due to the chrome/metallic properties, but they work fine with the Hasbro versions as well. The results.... well, see for yourself.



Box is box. Nice prologue on what's stored for the collector as he opens the toy box. On the last pic: (L to R) Mirage's invisibility box, instructions (poster in the other side), Inferno's Arm Canon/Ladder, 3 missile launchers, and Soundwave's Auto-scout plus 4 energon crystals.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Transformers Generations Leader Class Jetfire review! (2014)

So this is why you shouldn't make a hasty decision in investing in a voyager class Jetfire/Skyfire because here is Generations Leader Class Jetfire!  And you thought that it couldn't get any bigger. Also in the background is's Cyberscape back drop which I will get to a little more in detail after.  Let's get started!

Looking impressive. There is an advertisement for Roadbuster who is canon in the G1 comic continuity. He is part of Springer's wreckers. Yes, I have the figure since I thought anyone that sides with Springer is awesome. I got him for $20 so not bad. Now for robot mode. There will also be some comparisons to the Henkei Voyager Skyfire version.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Transformers Henkei Skyfire/Jetfire C-06 Retrospective Look! Voyager 2008

Henkei Henkei! I couldn't pass up Skyfire when I picked up Henkei Sunstreaker from which is now known as I picked up Henkei Skyfire for $45 when he was going rare at the time. I could remember him being so rare that he went as high as $80 on Without further delay, lets take a look at him. The pics were taken back in 2012.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Transformers Henkei Astrotrain D-03 Review (2008)

 "In the days of Megatron, it was not like this."
                                     - Astrotrain in "Five Faces of Darkness Part I"         

At long last, I decided to finally open up Henkei Astrotrain. Now I understand that he is probably not as popular when he first came out. I could still remember picking him up 4 years ago for $26 at After awhile, he became rare and his market value went as high as $60. What was it? Was it because he was a triple changer or was it because he had a pretty neat G1 color scheme (Henkei version that is). Let's see what the fuss is all about.

Boxing and contents samples:

Yep, the neat thing about the Henkei versions is that they give you a stat/trading card and neat black-and-white Manga. I wish I knew what they were talking about.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Transformers Classics Retrospective look! Henkei Sunstreaker! C-07

Michael Bays Transformers brought Transformers back to the big screen, but it also re-vitalized interest for some TF fans such as myself . The year was 2010 and though some of the G1 re-issue figures caught my interest, I realized Hasbro/Takara Tomy were releasing these "classic" figures by giving them a modern look as of today. The line started somewhere around 2006 and it continues on today. Some people call this the Generation 3 line. In the west, Hasbro released updated models of the G1 heroes/Villains and were branded and released as the Classics and Universe line that was eventually renamed the Generations Line. The western releases, however, left a lot to be desired because a few releases such like Megatron, Cyclonus, Starscream version 1, and Smokescreen etc..  had awkward color schemes from their G1 counterparts. Takara Tomy Japan weren't far behind as they released their version of Universe/Generations into the "Henkei Henkei" line. What made Takara's figures standout in comparison to the Hasbro line was that their figures sported a more cartoon accurate paint job with chrome guns, chrome spoilers, and chrome on different areas. Takara Tomy was often hailed as the more superior bunch though the random chrome on certain figures like Grimlock, Galvatron, and a few others had people getting the more affordable western version. So collectors often mixed up their collection with both Japanese and western releases. Be thankful that you had more options then just eating slice bread.

Front cover

back cover

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