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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Takara Tomy Transformers Legends Rewind and Nightbeat review LG-28

Aloha fans, we are back with another TF review, unfortunately I left the next insecticon at my brother's house during my staycation there. So now I am left to do a quick substitute until I reacquire the Fansproject figure. Today's feature is none other than Rewind, one the autobot cassettes created to combat Soundwave's Decepticon cassettes. Without haste, let's get started!

Boxing and contents.





Boxing is your standard Takara packaging with attributes and a comic book. I was confused by what was going on. But I found the synopsis page online nonetheless so here is the link:





Rewind comes equip with a thin rifle which can be pegged to his right forearm or plugged on both hands. I love how he has his classic cassette look on his back but updated with icons such as the Wi-Fi bar, battery icon (he is down one bar), and familiar icons such as the Facebook icon that is shaped with letter T instead. His G1 inspired eyes looks alright. For once, I kinda do prefer the IDW Hasbro visor look. Anyhow, Rewind looks great here.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Transformers Generations Springer review

At long last, I finally decided to review Generations Springer. The funny thing is that I own Warbot Defender (Fansproject version of Springer) but never did opened either one until now. Enough with the whole teasing and thesis statements. Let's get started!

The box!



Box is your standard Generations voyager packaging, but I thought the poster version of his box portrait was nice. Dunno why but it looked very nice.

Breaking out of the plastic prison (robot mode)







Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Transformers Takara Tomy Legends LG25 Titans Return Blurr review

Aloha. I finally decided to open up a deluxe figure legends (Titan returns) figure. I chose Blurr whom I will compare to the IDW Generations Blurr and discuss a few other things. Without delay, let's get started!

Box and Packaging.





What Takara packaging isn't complete without a Manga? I was actually happy to see Blurr reminisce about the time he left Cybertron with Kup and Rodimus Prime (Japanese version of Headmasters). From that point on, I had no idea what was going on. I could see that Shockwave is apparently disguising himself as an Autobot and then Blurr takes on Galvatron later. However, thanks to TFwiki, here is the full story: Legends Comic: Bonus edition Vol 25.

As an addition to the comic, included is the figure with his Headmaster (Hyper fire I presume), tech specs, and instruction manual.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Takara Tomy Legends Wheelie and GoShooter LG29 review and pics!

Without delay, lets get started!

Boxing and contents

Takara Legends Wheelie




Looking good here. Wheelie is very difficult to find now unless you shop at Ebay. I obtained this figure for $25 shipped. Once again, I hesitated to buy this legends toys and paid a higher price when I finally wanted him. Anyhow, same old Takara gimmick where it comes with a comic-relief style manga. Wheelie and Goshooter are playing soccer against Galvatron who is using Megatron's head. How the high and mighty have fallen. Not to mention, Wheelie is also making trouble to Arcee and the other female autobots.

Here is the full synopsis:

Out of the box (Wheelie and GoShooter):

Takara Legends Wheelie





Takara Legends Wheelie
Both in focus

Shuta Go is a human that partnered up with his living transtector, GoShooter (flip those two names in reverse). Shuta is part of the Super-God masterforce G1 continuity; a continuity I am unfamiliar with. Anyone interested, click on the link for his full bio: Not much to say about GoShooter. Easily transformable and love the visor for his headmaster gimmick.

As for Wheelie the toy, I'm glad Takara/Hasbro made a legends assortment rather than the overgrown deluxe remold Jazz figure we had a few years ago. Too bad this Wheelie doesn't come with his slingshot. Wheelie is nice looking though sometimes the different shades of Orange just put me off. The glass case on his chest is superb looking. However, my Wheelie figure isn't without flaws. Sometimes Wheelie has trouble standing because his foot is just flat out straight with all that weight in his body forcing him to fall backwards from time to time. The arms would sometimes peg off as I am trying to transform him, which can be troublesome to some collectors. The idea of a arm falling off is never a good sign, but in this case it's easily re-attachable. 

Transformers: Titans Return Galvatron and Nucleon review.

Aloha folks, it has been a while since I popped an update. Today's review is the insane, feared 2nd leader of the Decepticons: Galvatron...