Monday, January 26, 2015

Transformers United Drift UN-08 Review! (2011)

At long last, I finally decided to open up Transformers United Autobot Drift! Drift also marks the 1st actual TF figure I bought that is not of G1 cartoon continuity. He exists solely as a G1 IDW character. However, that wasn't what got me to buy this figure whose mold eventually led to the creation of Generations Blurr whom I retrospectively reviewed a few weeks back. I got Drift, because long story cut short, was a former Decepticon (named Deadlock) who one day went by a samurai code and abandon the ranks of the Decepticon only to find himself joining the Autobots short after. I thought this was amazing for a Decepticon to turn a new leaf and do good. Enough of that and let's get started.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Transformers Retrospective finale part III! Transformers Generatons, Henkei, Universe, Reveal the Shield, United, and Third party TF.

(1st row above: Generations Wheeljack and United Tracks. I shot them a 2nd time because I didn't lift their wings in robot mode properly at that time.)

So this is the finale of the pics I took in the past. I have no time to make retrospective posts about them anymore so I'll post the pics as a pictorial review. I will do my best to review figures that I haven't opened yet.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Transformers Retrospective finale part II! Transformers Generatons, Henkei, Universe, Reveal the Shield, United, and Third party TF.

Part II. Once again, I'm only focusing on blogging the figures that I haven't opened yet. I took these photos long ago and there is just too much for me to go back into writing. I still have a part III which is the final coming up.

 (First row: First pic: Thundercracker(blue), Skywarp (black), Starscream (red and white), Acid Storm (Green))

Monday, January 5, 2015

Transformers Retrospective look: Generations Blurr (2010)

I was on the fence whether to get Blurr or not since he didn't look like his G1 counterpart: both robot and vehicle mold. At this point, I was even contemplating quitting collecting. Then I found out that this mold was based off a G1 comic book based character named Drift. Not to mention, this version of Blurr was, in fact, G1-inspired taken directly off of the popular IDW comics. Without much hesitation, I decided to pick him up. Snagged him at Target at the time for $12.


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