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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Toy Review! Transformers Classics: Universe Smokescreen

At long last, I finally decide to let Smokescreen out of his cage...after 8 years to be exact! Without further delay, let's get started!


Taken at 2010. Lol!
Creased at upper right.


Well, I was cleaning my room and found that the box was creased. I decided why not let him out already? Comes with an instruction manual. Was pretty cool for its time.

Alt mode guest starring Universe Prowl and Henkei Streak (Silverstreak or Bluestreak)




How I went about on getting Universe Smokescreen was that I prefered his dark blue colors over the light blue the Henkei version had. Plus Universe Smokescreen was only $10 at the time. However, the Henkei version is more consistent on his paint scheme and more G1 anime accurate. The Universe one is just colors everywhere it feels. It's the same mold as Universe Prowl and Henkei Streak so hope you enjoy the comparisons. For an odd reason, I had trouble putting their weapons underneath their car bellys. I just couldn't seem to put them on. Though Hasbro is famous for not painting their rims, I liked how Hasbro just out of the blue decided to paint SS's wheels bronze. Nice!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Transformers Retrospective finale part III! Transformers Generatons, Henkei, Universe, Reveal the Shield, United, and Third party TF.

(1st row above: Generations Wheeljack and United Tracks. I shot them a 2nd time because I didn't lift their wings in robot mode properly at that time.)

So this is the finale of the pics I took in the past. I have no time to make retrospective posts about them anymore so I'll post the pics as a pictorial review. I will do my best to review figures that I haven't opened yet.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Transformers Retrospective finale part II! Transformers Generatons, Henkei, Universe, Reveal the Shield, United, and Third party TF.

Part II. Once again, I'm only focusing on blogging the figures that I haven't opened yet. I took these photos long ago and there is just too much for me to go back into writing. I still have a part III which is the final coming up.

 (First row: First pic: Thundercracker(blue), Skywarp (black), Starscream (red and white), Acid Storm (Green))

Friday, December 19, 2014

TFC-004 Gear of War Transformers Accessory Set for Mirage, Inferno, Sideswipe

Took me long enough to open and utilize these. For those new to the TF classics hobby, fans felt that figures like Inferno, Sideswipe, Red Alert, Mirage, and Soundwave was missing some trademark weapons. TFC catered to fan demand and created add ons such as Red Alert/Sideswipe's missile launchers, Inferno's ladder and arm cannon, Mirage's shoulder rocket and invisibility box, and an extra minion for Soundwave. The weapons were intended to be used for the Henkei versions due to the chrome/metallic properties, but they work fine with the Hasbro versions as well. The results.... well, see for yourself.



Box is box. Nice prologue on what's stored for the collector as he opens the toy box. On the last pic: (L to R) Mirage's invisibility box, instructions (poster in the other side), Inferno's Arm Canon/Ladder, 3 missile launchers, and Soundwave's Auto-scout plus 4 energon crystals.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Transformers Universe Inferno Classics 2.0 Restrospective look! (2008)

What good is Red Alert without his buddy Inferno? If you are a G1 fanatic then you know the history between them. For starters, long story cut short, they had each others back as both of them were pretty much fire rescue... can't believe I'm using that word. Red Alert is more security administrative but he helps fight fires nonetheless. Inferno, however, was more battle prone, always eager to fight rather than stand on the sidelines. Red at one point was injured during a sneak Decepticon attack and suffered paranoia, thinking that the autobots wanted to deactivate him. Not to mention, he thought Inferno betrayed him when Inferno left his side to help Optimus Prime in battle. Later on, Red befriended Starscream though the latter easily betrayed him to side with Megatron again. The autobots came to Red's aid and Inferno saved Red from an impending explosion from the Negavator, a weapon that Starscream and Red intended to use to destroy anyone that stood in their way before Starscream's turncoat. After Inferno saved Red, Red Alert no longer doubted Inferno's loyalty. The two had become inseparable ever since.

Without further delay: Red Alert's buddy Inferno.


That is one neat looking box. I got this used from seller in Oregon who sold it to me back in 2011 roughly for $40 shipped. I was lucky for Inferno went as high as $70 at that moment. And we are only speaking the hasbro release and not Henkei. I love how even for used, the seller kept the packaging nice and sturdy.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Transformers Classics Retrospective look! Transformers Universe Sideswipe (2008)

Henkei Sunstreaker apparently wasn't enough. Eventually, I had to get the Sideswipe mold which is nearly identical to the Sunstreaker mold with the exception of their head sculpts. The decision to get the Hasbro version rather than the Takara Tomy was simple: The extra add on- his engine aka his rocket pack.  I was lucky to pick him up MISB for $30 shipped when he was becoming rare to find at the time. Well, without further delay, here is Universe Classic Sideswipe.



Sunday, November 16, 2014

Transformers Classics Retrospective look! Transformers Robots in Disguise Classics Deluxe Mirage (2006)

By the time I jumped on the CHUG (Classics, Henkei, Universe, Generations) line, I pretty much missed the boat on the Universe and original Classics line. So in order to get some of these figs, I had to go on Ebay or solicit fellow TF fans on unwanted TF figures. The Henkei Mirage (Ligier in Japan) was going for a walloping $50+ at the time, so my only option was to hopefully get the Classics at a cheaper price. Thankfully, I did. Someone was selling Universe Mirage for $25 used. Take note that Universe Mirage was also the first figure I bought out of the box. Let's get started.

Alt Mode:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Transformers Classics Retrospective look! Transformers Universe Prowl (2008)

At this point, I started to buy TF figures mad-like crazy! I was shopping at and came across SDCC 2010 Blaster, Universe Prowl, and Universe Smokescreen. I also had Henkei Skyfire at this point, though awkwardly, I was opening random figures and not opening them in the fashion and order that I buy my figures.  Guess what? Its four years now and Universe Smokescreen is still MISB in my collection. I eventually opened up Skyfire though it probably wasn't until a year later. On a side note: SDCC 2010 Blaster is also MISB as well.

So i couldn't pass up on Prowl since he had a pretty close resemblance to his G1 figure. Here are pics of his vehicle mode and boxing. Once again, pics were taken in the past before I learned to really pose with them.

Universe Prowl Transformers Classics
Classics Prowl