Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beware Microsoft Indian call scams viruses or errors.

First off, please don't rub it in, but yes, I got scammed by these folks. Yes, I was stupid and admit it.

First off, I should had really consulted God on this matter, and I didn't and I have no one else to blame but me. But I am glad he helped me rectify the situation even if I lost quite a bit of money. The point of this post is to show and warn you to not do the same thing and to help save your hard earned money.

Priority: Once you hear these people with  thick Indian accents calling you from Microsoft talking either about Viruses or errors ( this is what I got.) Hang up quick! Microsoft, through my experience never calls, and after this incident never will. These people are fakes.

If you were duped, be-careful here. Let's say you already paid the money which is where I am getting at, then you just lucked out on the money. But you can still save your computer. These people will have access to your comp because you gave it to them. You can see them doing stuff on your comp via remote pc. Before I get to the bad stuff, these folks are professionals! Sadly, they used their intelligence to do evil! Yes, I do forgive these folks and pray they find the lord some day. But I will never give them my business ever again nor will I trust any phone scheme ever again. Once again, how can I be so stupid! Anyways, they will give your confirmation codes through your email and stuff and it looks all legit. They will give you a website which you should look carefully, because it may not really have anything to do with what they are offering. They will use western names like Victor, Mark, and common names.... doesn't sound much Indian doesn't it?

I told them I had to go out for a moment. I come back hours later, and they barely did anything. I realized something was wrong. When they came back on, they were doing simple stuff that a blind lady can do. I did a research with my IPAD and put two and two together, and realized, this is a SCAM!

Yes, the monetary damage was done, but thank the Lord he still saved me in time to prevent my comp from losing info because I heard that the people who got scammed all the way lost their info, and these mis-guided souls would put viruses on there comps. Some got really nasty malware from what I heard and some couldn't even get past the login screen. I noticed that the guy who was controlling my comp was deleting my anti-virus software. I realized he was setting up the big finale!!! I quickly pulled the plug on my comp.

He was still trying to gain access to my comp after it rebooted. Though I learned the hard way, I said NO! My info is still intact and I changed my password just in case. Not only that, if you paid by card...CANCEL IT IMMEDIATELY! You see, I think the Lord wanted me to learn about this, because my faith has been dwindling (my fault) but now I see a real reason to need him more than ever.  Guess what? If they were really caring, they would had called and said "why you unplug?" Not one call.......FAKE! Another way I knew the Lord protected me after my fall was that the guy could not finish his scanning on my computer for hours, when he talked to me he keeps saying he was dis-connected time after time. So thank the Lord he protected me from having my computer wiped out.

I knew something was wrong because I went out for "those" hours and I couldn't let go of the situation that I just gave a large sum of money away. I felt the lord was trying to teach me a lesson and that lesson was to trust in him and learn how to say NO to un-righteousness! You can't always say yes to everything.

I was foolish and careless and the damage had been done. I know many of you folks will not fall for it. Those who already paid.. you can still save your computer if you realize it though you can't get your money back because it was your negligence as it was mine.

Sure.... these people are laughing at me cuz they got my money. But if they die in their sins, can you take the money with you? If you are one of those that are cheating people and reading this, tell me:

"For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Matt 16:26)

Yes, i am disappointed in myself as well as those who do this. But know this, I do forgive you folks but my God will have vengeance upon you if you do not repent. You have been warned!

Its a hard lesson learned. I learned it very well. Through my faith in the lord, I know I will earn my money back. However, try and not lose your soul. Peace brothers and sisters.

*up date 5/21/14* I just did a research online and many people got scammed by this evil scheme. There was s story with one guy who isn't trusting of phone soliciting, but even he fell for it. Thank God he was able to get back most of his money. Another lesson here is that keep God's armor on, and don't let your guard down for one sec.

Another thing is that I do not condone any of this. I am actually hoping they call me again some day so i can preach to them the Gospel. From that point on, they can continue to sin or drop their evil acts and turn themselves in. Either way, Justice will be served. If it comes from the Lord, you better hope your life wasn't lost in the process and you will be jailed for your criminal activities.

*update 5/22/14* Thank the Lord, I don't think I lost anything at all when I checked my statement. I was able to close the account in time before they did any damage. Hallelujah! I heard a lady in the past gave her bank account, and in front of her computer screen she saw her bank account being wired to an unknown source. She quickly called her bank to close the transfer. She too was able to stop it. This morning they called my dad up and said they were computer maintenance.  Geez, these guys/girls will just hurt people just to get money. I hope they call again so I can say a couple things to them. Laters.

*update 7/22/14* Well, these folks keep calling. They called me a few days prior to writing this message and I told them a lie (forgive me God) that I had no computer. They hung up. They called me today in a very low frequency (some what eerie voice). I just quickly hung up. I was very tired so didn't feel like talking to them. Yeah, I have yet to preach to them, but I doubt they will listen. I ain't preaching niceties, its going to be more like, you guys/gals need forgiveness and you need to turn a new leaf that type of thing. Some people just can't take no for an answer like my friend said.

*August 2014* These guys don't let up. From what I hear, as long as you pick up the phone and say hi, the word "live bait" comes to mind. Sadly, I don't have caller ID on my phone so I can't pull the whole "If I don't recognize the number, then I'm not picking it up." One of the scammers called and I finally told them to seek God, and I was aware of their plans and what they were doing and then I hung up. The same people called me up few days later and I just hung them up because I was busy.  The funny thing is that the latter said his name was Daniel Bryan who is a current WWE superstar.

*Sept 2014*   I guess I should do this monthly. They are attempting to be more aggressive now. They call you up and then automatically say "You have a computer, right?" And then I just say: "Sorry dude, I'm not interested." *Click* *Sept 23, 2014* So They call my dad up. I tell them he's not home so "Sam" tries to sell his pitch to me. I abruptly interrupt him and say, I'll let my dad now, bye. *Click*

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