Friday, August 23, 2013

Thank God for a good day in Las Vegas Part 1 of 2 8/8/13

About two weeks ago started my short vacation in Las Vegas. I arrived from Honolulu with one stop over in Los Angeles via United Airlines.  Despite arriving early in the morning, I couldn't check into my hotel which was the Excalibur on the strip, so I decided to head to one of the famous Hash houses being:
Mary's Hash house which is located in 2605 South Decatur Suite 103, Las Vegas, 89102.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger from Chilis and Macadamia nut ice cream from Scoop Hawaii.

Southern Smokehouse Bacon burger

If you walk into a Chilis and not knowing what to get, burger and fries is a good way to start.... the Southern Smokehouse Bacon burger that is. What more do you want to know, you got the two slices of bread, cheese, bacon, onion rings, and lettuce. Not to mention, BBQ sauce to top it off. The mouthwatering burger runs about $13 which is a fair value for a chilis establishment. The patty is not overcooked but just right. When in doubt in Chilis, go South for the burger.

Want dessert? Go to Scoop Hawaii located in Kalihi. For $3.75, you can get a huge layer (scoop) of your chosen Ice dessert between your preferred cookie chips--I chose Chocolate chip; I am interested in the Red velvet selection though. You got Ice cream of different flavors such as Green tea, Strawberry cheesecake, and I don't recall the rest, but the selection Scoop has for both the Ice cream and cookies is adequate. The only drawback for Scoop in Kalihi is the parking. There is hardly any parking unless if the nearby stores or offices are closed, you can borrow theirs. Staff are very friendly, so enjoy!

Scoop Kalihi is located at:
1449 N King St
Honolulu, HI 96817
Neighborhood: Kalihi

*Update* 1/18/16. Scoop is no longer operational. RIP.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Modern eats: Gomatei Ala Moana

Whenever in doubt, or if you need a place to devour a tasty ramen meal, then go to Gomatei. There are two locations for you to choose from: Ala Moana or Ward warehouse; the latter being the original station of business. Without further delay, lets get started.

Chicken Tan Tan Ramen

So  I decided to pick up the Chicken Tantan ( pic above). The texture of the broth is very easy to the eyes and is very creamy and tasty. It also have a little spice to it as well. I didn't find the broth salty, but just right. The sliced chicken mixed with the broth is very appealing and delicious. The yellow noodles is fairly thick and tasty and goes just fine with the broth. The wakame is an welcome addition to the soupy dish. This bowl of goodies is roughly $10.

Chicken Teriyaki

The Chicken Teriyaki is $7 and is an appetizer to the Ramen haven. The chicken goes good with the sweet sauce, but is fairly bland without it. Though it looks good and tatse good, you can find better deals for $7. Nowadays, appetizers are really money makers. It gets you started but leaves you very empty. I only tried this because my brother really wanted to try it. I wouldn't recommend this due to is steep price range.

Chicken Kaarage

Last but not least, one of Gomatei's famous appetizers: Chicken Karaage. The Karaage comes sometimes in 5 big pieces or 6 mini ones like the one you see here. The Karaage is a must have if you are sick and tired of the ramen and gyoza combination. The Karaage sauce goes really well with the chicken giving it a mix of sweet and sour type of taste. The chicken comes hot usually and is very crispy. The only drawback is that the price is about the same as the teriyaki chicken ranging from $7 and above. The price used to be $5 back a couple years, but inflation has hit everything these days. Still, this side dish is worth checking out if you got another $7 to spend.

+ Lots of ramen selections. Got curry and rice dishes for the non-ramen lovers. They even have loco moco! + Nice side dishes.
+ Friendly staff. Always proficient with the water refill
+ Nice layout.
+ Ala Moana has lots of seats ( lots of tabletops/bar for those who don't care about a party table).
+ Convenient location
+ free mall parking (both Ward and Ala Moana)

-A little pricey.
-Ward is only 1/3 the size of Ala Moana so it has a much smaller space.
-Most appetizers are not worth the price
-Can get really busy in both places so the wait can be fairly long.

For more information go to:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Modern Eats: Keeaumoku Seafood.

Decided to pick this up since I seen a couple people eat here. I'm not a big fan of fish though for an odd reason i really like Maguro. To get my money's worth, I had to try the Sashimi Salad. I ended up taking out my order because there is no room to dine in. This place is literally a grab and go place. The place is a little old looking but still presentable. You could see lots of fresh Ahi and Poke through the display case and the workers there are very friendly. 

Now for the the salad, lots of Maguro! Yummy! Didn't care much for the orange looking meat. Not sure what it is called-though I heard it is called Sake. Correct me if I am wrong. And of course, it came with romaine lettuce and diced cabbage. Result: For $14, you can't go wrong. I tend to eat my raw fish plain with no wasabi or shoryu. Because I am not much of a fish fan, I don't know if this is over-priced or not, but $14 I feel is worth it for seafood. The taste is good as far as I am concerned so no qualms here. Enjoy folks.

+Lots of poke selection
+Reasonably priced
+Friendly staff
+Big portions (the pic don't lie)

-Very limited parking
-no dine in space
-Purists may find it a turn-off with no condiments such as wasabi given.

Keeaumoku Seafood can be found at:
1223 Keeaumoku St  Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 942-7792

Modern Eats: Little Village Noodle House (Honolulu, Hi) August 4, 2013

I had lunch with an old classmate on one Sunday morning/Noon. We settled for Little Village Noodle House located in Chinatown/Fort street Mall area.  It's been a few years since I've eaten in this place and I don't remember my experience much back then.

Little Village offers almost the same types of selections you'll find in most Chinese cuisines. My selection was simple as I ended up ordering the Minute Chicken Noodles plus a Cold Milk tea.

 So first the main dish (above pic), the chicken, chow mein and choy sum looks good, no doubt about it. The main problem is the sauce. It got saltier as I ate on. I'm not sure what type of sauce they use, but according to some reviewers online, it is shrimp based. The noodles were crispy and the chicken was tender. I was full halfway through and ended up packing it home and giving the rest to my sister. I think everything was cooked well but the dish would had been totally perfect had the sauce not gave me a 2nd opinion. The dish was priced around $7-8.

The milk tea (pictured here) was roughly $4. If you like your drinks sweet, then this is for you. Frankly, it was too sweet for me. Would be nice if they decided to add pearls (Boba) someday to this drink.

Conclusion: First off, I don't think everyone should decide to come here or not based on my opinion. I didn't exactly try out a whole lot of foods. I realize that this restaurant is more ideal for bigger parties. I could see people sharing fried rice, meat and assorted vegetable dishes. The ambiance was great and the service was awesome as well. The waitress smiled a lot and was very professional and courteous. I would probably give this place another shot, but maybe I will eat ala carte and hopefully get a better impression of this restaurant the next time around.

+ Good service and layout of the restaurant
+ Free parking for patrons (rare in Chinatown).
+ Lots of tables

- Can get packed especially during weekend nights or special events.
- aforementioned food and drink review can be a turn-off to some.
- moderate to high priced items
- This place is considered a "tourist trap."

Find little village here:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Philly Cheese steak sandwich and fries from Dave and Busters!

It was a Saturday night and I didn't feel like sleeping. I went with an friend to grab a midnight snack and settled upon D&B's.

I was unsure what to order since I had been cooking and eating pasta for the entire week ( so no pasta). The waitress eventually made her way around and inquired about our order. I hastily ordered the Philly Cheese steak sandwich and fries combo. The wait for our food was roughly 10-15 minutes. But that was a wait well worth it. Maybe it's been a while since I had a cheese steak or I've been accustomed to eating Charley's steak subs that I thought this dish was only going to be mediocre at best.

Dave and Busters Philly Cheese steak sandwich and fries

Result: The steak sandwich was well done. The beef steak was very tender and the toppings of mushrooms, bellpeppers, onions, and cheese made the food overall delicious. Normally, D&B's is a good place to just hang out and chill, but the Cheese steak sandwich is a must have! If you come in not knowing what to order, you can't go wrong with the Philly Cheese steak sandwich. Plus, its about $11-13. It comes with fries, and awkwardly, the people there gave me sweet potato fries. I'm not a fan of those types of fries, but it was free since it was given to me by accident ( I actually thought it came with it), so I'm not going to complain much. When I was done eating, I wanted more. Never before did I feel like I wanted seconds on an D&B meal.

My only gripe, if anything, is the portion. It does look roughly small and this may not satisfy folks with big appetites or high metabolic rates. Still, can't go wrong with the price. Enjoy!

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