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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Takara Tomy Transformers Legends Rewind and Nightbeat review LG-28

Aloha fans, we are back with another TF review, unfortunately I left the next insecticon at my brother's house during my staycation there. So now I am left to do a quick substitute until I reacquire the Fansproject figure. Today's feature is none other than Rewind, one the autobot cassettes created to combat Soundwave's Decepticon cassettes. Without haste, let's get started!

Boxing and contents.





Boxing is your standard Takara packaging with attributes and a comic book. I was confused by what was going on. But I found the synopsis page online nonetheless so here is the link:





Rewind comes equip with a thin rifle which can be pegged to his right forearm or plugged on both hands. I love how he has his classic cassette look on his back but updated with icons such as the Wi-Fi bar, battery icon (he is down one bar), and familiar icons such as the Facebook icon that is shaped with letter T instead. His G1 inspired eyes looks alright. For once, I kinda do prefer the IDW Hasbro visor look. Anyhow, Rewind looks great here.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fansproject CA-03 Casuality ThunderShred (Not Shrapnel) Review Transformers

Back to the Transformer world we go before I embark on my next adventure. Today we go a little back in time and take a look at Fansproject's version of the insecticons. First up is Thundershred who is a homage to Shrapnel of TF fame. Just a little heads up that some of the pics came out soft looking. I should try to do better again next time. Anyhow, let's get started.

Boxing and contents




I bought the figure used a year or two ago. The figure comes as you see but I realized as I opened the box that ThunderShred's Shuriken weapon is missing. I guess the seller forgot to pack it or lost it. It's also my fault that I forgot to inspect the contents when I received the package. When I got the package I proceeded to store him away for a later future review. I guess this teaches me to carefully examine the contents in the future. Especially if the figure is used. 

Robot mode





The first of the three (n)insecticon looks great. He doesn't have a mouth like Shrapnel but his pincers make a good Wolverine/Shredder like weapons. Compared to other figures, he is a little small. He is somewhere between the height of a legends class figure and a deluxe figure. Let's not talk about how the CW/UW figures tower over him. Though I give him credit for attempting to take of Bruticus. Had I got the Shuriken with his figure, I could had done more poses with him plus enable him to wear the weapon as a backpack.

Alt mode




This is probably as G1 as you are going to get. Fansproject did a good job in making the insect mode very similar to Shrapnel's bug mode. You can toggle the legs to make him stand or sit in various degrees. My only problem was getting to this mode was a little tough. His torso is easily transformable while the leg area I had to use the instruction manual to figure that part out. I also don't like how his hands stick out of his back area in this mode. It looks a little eerie that a pair of hands will grab you if you end up on his rear. Just for kicks, I love he tightens his grip on legends figures. 

Conclusion: The first of three insecticons reviewed. He is worth getting if you haven't got the updated Hasbro/Takara Legends class figures whom all are too small for my tastes. Had I received his Shuriken, he would had been totally amazing. Oh well, lesson learned. At least the next two Ninsecticons I bought are new so I should have everything in the box.... I hope. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors LynxMaster aka Sky Reign UW-EX Review 2 of 2! Combiner wars

In our last episode, the owner of this blog was not too impressed with the pics he took. So therefore he tried his best this episode to make the pics look more sharper. Tune in now for the epic final conclusion of the Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors LynxMaster part 2 review!

Lynx mode ( unofficial mode)


In the last review I was disappointed that Sky Lynx wasn't able to break up into two parts; one being his bird mode and one being the Lynx mode featured in the original G1 toys and cartoons.  The Lynx mode is featured here as the combined version when the warriors unite. This is probably the closest I can configure him into looking like his G1 Lynx mode. He looks like he is doing the hula in the above pics. Having too much fun I guess.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors LynxMaster aka Sky Reign UW-EX Review 1 of 2! Combiner wars

LynxMaster is now up. I always debated whether I should had got the G1 re-release of Sky Lynx or not. Thank God I didn't for HasTak decided to release a classics version of him. With him are CW/UW versions of Hound, Wheeljack, Trailbreaker, and the exclusive Ratchet! I'm gonna say before you start viewing the pictures here and that is I hated some of how the pics turned out in the photoshoot especially the vs comparisons. They look really soft for the most part. I guess I still have to practice my photography. It's never ending in that aspect. Anyhow, Let's get started!

Collectors Coin





Instruction Manual. 


I bought LynxMaster from I notice the TF figures that I buy are exclusives, they tend to come with a collector's coin plus outer boxing for the figure. For the comic, Sky Lynx and the crew are performing for Optimus Prime, Iron-Hide, Hot Spot, and what appears to be Blades. I could be wrong on the last guy. There are also some characters from the episode Carnage in C-Minor also dubbed the worst Transformers G1 episode in history. 

Looking good. I really love how LynxMaster stands tall on the box artwork. You can see a silhouette of Sky Lynx dropping the rest of the crew from the sky. 

A comic book was established for G1 continuity. You can read it here though it is in Japanese and it does not explain why Ratchet is still alive after he was killed in Transformers the Movie (1986). The comic also reveals Megatronia who is another Unite Warriors exclusive. 

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