Thursday, August 21, 2014

Me Grimlock Hate Push-ups!

Just graduated from Respiratory school and hope that God will open the door for getting an RT job. I decided to get the "Me Grimlock Hate Push-Ups T-shirt after seeing an TF fan wear it online. The pics above was on July 4, 2014.  There are numerous versions of Grimlock "hate push-ups" tshirts, but I thought this was the coolest one. Not to mention, my sister thought it look cute. I love the shirt as I wear it almost every week. Shouldn't wear it out but you can't deny its a cool looking and funny t shirt. The kids and TF fans always get a good kick when they see me wear this shirt. Even my best friend thought it was awesome as well.

You can purchase this t-shirt for an limited time on Hottopic website or stores near you. God Bless you dudes and dudettes. Laters.

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