Monday, March 23, 2015

Transformers Legends Arcee LG10 Takara Tomy Review!

 "No, you'd better stay close to me"
                             - Arcee after saving Hot Rod and Daniel in "Transformers the Movie" (1986)

At long last, an official Arcee from Hastak have been released. Was she worth the wait? Is she worth the money? Find out in this review.

 Arcee Box and contents

Transformers Legends Arcee LG10 Takara Tomy


Transformers Legends Arcee LG10 Takara Tomy

 Transformers Legends Arcee LG10 Takara Tomy

Don't let the pics fool you, Arcee's box is pretty small. When I receive this through the mail, I thought the seller on Ebay duped me by mailing me only the figure for the box was very small and light. As I opened it, alas, no disappointment. The box is only half the size of a Hasbro Generations packaging. The figure also comes with a fold up manual that displays her statistics, portrait, transformation instructions, and a two page manga. I uploaded the Manga here for any Japanese readers. If anyone could translate it for me, that be awesome. As for now lets get to....

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Can't fight this feeling MV

Song of the month... Don't ask me why but I fell in love with this song again. Long live the 80's!

By REO Speedwagon

Copyright to the respective owner. I am only using this song for entertainment/information purposes.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Transformers Generations Legends Tailgate and Groundbreaker!

Well, this is part 3 of 3 for the minibots. Last but not least, Tailgate and Groundbreaker! I ordered this guy on Amazon, and when you least expect it, they gave me the damaged (creased) casing. At least the toy wasn't damaged. Lucky I guess.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Transformers Generations Legends Swerve and Flanker!


Next up: Swerve and Flanker! Once again no idea who is the latter. And to save time, he is pretty much a triple changer like Payload: Robot mode, Alt mode, and gun. Had to get Swerve because he did appear in two episodes briefly in season 3 of G1. Yes, two episodes only! Yeesh! Trust me, it only gets worse from here. What I'd mean? Find out when I review Tailgate next time! Without further delay, here is Swerve out of the box... with Flanker of course.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Transformers Generations Legends Cosmos with Payload!

Finally got around to shooting more figures.I had been busy with work this whole time. I decided next on my hit/shoot list was the minibots Cosmos, Swerve, and Tailgate. I picked up Cosmos and Swerve a while back and was on the fence with Tailgate till I decided to pick the latter up because he was G1 after all. Cosmos is the focus for this article and I will do Swerve and Tailgate shortly. Forgive me but a lot of dust accumulated on the set during this shoot. Without further delay, Let's get started!

Packaging on all 3:

Tailgate, Swerve, and Cosmos

Tailgate's package came damaged so I think twice to buy TF figures from Amazon again.

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