Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thank God for a good day in Kauai March 24, 2016. Part 1 of 3 *Traumatizing Garden Isle experience!*

*Once again a parody based on someone's remarks. For those who get offended easy, look elsewhere.*

Finally got a couple days off so I decided to spend sometime off with my brother and his wife in the Garden Isle! I had an early morning flight at 6:00AM and still had to work an evening shift that ended at 11:30PM. By the time I went home I was only able to take a quick nap. After getting past TSA in Honolulu international airport, I had a big breakfast at Burger King.

Very filling. Landed in Kauai within 20 minutes or so. Our stay was in Castle Mokihana in Kapaa. However, we un-successfully tried to get an early check-in. So we decided to drive down a few blocks and ate at Kountry Kitchen.




I was full from the earlier breakfast for the most part though I didn't mind the extra calorie intake. Ninja diet indeed!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Thank God for a good day in Waikiki 3/17/16 *Traumatizing Waikiki Finale!*

*Disclaimer: No disrespect to those who are really traumatized in reality, just making a parody based on someone's criticism of me.*

Started off the day taking a pic of Waikiki beach from my hotel. Then 2nd pic is my hotel from the beach. I went swimming with my friend for an hour before his sister and niece arrived to have brunch with us.

Aston Circle from the beach

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Thank God for a good day in Waikiki 3/16/16 *Traumatizing Waikiki edition!*

*Disclaimer: once again no disrespect to anyone traumatized in their lives. Just using the word as a parody.*

So what is this? The trip started out with Pizza! Roundtable Pizza at the Hilton Hawaiian Village that is. Me and my best bud decided to bus it to Waikiki and stopped by for this delicious grub. A little pricey but recommended if you are around here.

We left around noon time because I was working the night before and I had to pick my sister up 3AM that morning. Ugh... So I was really tired for the most part. Hotel check-ins are usually 3PM. So we decided to hot foot to our hotel and ask the receptionist if we could check in early. We arrived about 2PM to the Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel.

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