Friday, March 1, 2013

Site reborn!

Here's the link to my old site:

I will now update my personal blogs through this page. I still believe in the all mighty and eternal creator, God and his son, Jesus Christ who died for our sins. And let's not forget the Holy ghost. In our lives we will hurt others and as well allow others to hurt us, but overall, I urge everyone to forgive and let go of all grudges. If you can't stand the person, then don't interact with him/her. Cut your losses. Even in the Christian life, things aren't always fair. If you trash talk behind the person's back, it does not make you a better person! Forgiveness does not mean excusing the person of his behavior, but you won't allow him/her to bring you down ever again. Always remember to be the better person. But I swear, please do not call forgiveness evil! If you can't forgive, it is your weakness and problem, don't give the name forgiveness a bad rep because you can't forgive. Remember its your problem and I urge you to accept our Lord Jesus Christ and allow him to show you the path of righteousness and forgiveness. Even forgiveness takes time, but please don't with hold it forever. Remember if you don't forgive, the lord will not forgive you!

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