Monday, August 22, 2016

Takara Tomy Unite Warriors Menasor UW-02 review revisited.

Revisiting all the goodies prior to the site change and and the upcoming Computron release.

Click on the links for a blast to the past! (Well, a year or so ago that is)

Here are some samples, click on the links above for more pics.






Monday, August 15, 2016

Hiking with God: Koko Head stairs Hidden Tunnel! 8/12/16

Returned to the Koko Head Stairs of doom with a co-worker and found the Hidden Tunnel courtesy of Howzitboyhikes of Youtube.

I only took two pics but if anyone is interested it is behind the 1st rest stop once you complete the stairs. You need a flash light so unless if you have night vision, you ain't getting far once you creep in the door. This tunnel is full of debris and is a short walk. Worth the look once if you ever venture in here.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Unite Warriors Bruticus vs Fansproject Bruticus Part 6 of 6: Bruticus Unite! Happy 100th post!

The shocking conclusion has arrived. Or did it? Most of you by now would think Unite Warriors Bruticus will simply blow Fansproject Bruticus out of the water. However, in some ways it really doesn't. Without delay, lets see why.

One more pose!

Fansproject simply didn't disappoint here. They came fully loaded and they made sure the weapons somehow stuck onto each and every one of the combaticons. The pics explain just about everything.

Bruticus wars!


Whoops! It's more like Unite Warriors Bruticus vs Bruticus Maximus (sorta). Fansproject's upgrades also gave you the option to switch out the BM head with the G1 looking head it came out with. Honestly, BM doesn't look too bad here with the G1 aesthetics, but that is not the real reason why we are here, isn't it?

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Unite Warriors Bruticus vs Fansproject Bruticus Part 5 of 6: Brawl vs ROTF Blast-Off

Well, as I said in the 4th part review, I got ROTF Blast-Off from an TF member instead of Brawl. No biggie, ROTF Blast-Off is a tank so he will do. To clear the confusion, click Here. Without further delay here are the comparisons.

Vehicle mode comparisons.







For the most part, both of them can switch weapons. This isn't very usual as of now since the other combaticons were able to do so as well. What was a little shocking was that ROTF Blast-Off can turn his turret, whilst the UW Brawl being unable to unless if you use his add-on feet for his weapon. That's kinda of major downer since UW Brawl is newer. Brawl looks like a tank though ROTF is more heavily armed. I'll just leave it at that.

Robot mode comparisons

I'm not a big fan of both designs, though most credit given to Brawl because he is G1 looking (sue me!). Both can swap out weapons though, imo, they could had done a better job with both figures in both lines. I guess I always save the best for last, or no? I'll let the pics do the talking on this one. 

Conclusion: I don't have much to say but let's wrap this up on the next part where both teams form Bruticus!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Unite Warriors Bruticus vs Fansproject Bruticus Part 4 of 6: Vortex vs ROTF Swindle

Well, this has an awkward title some of you may think. When I needed the figures to assemble Fansproject Bruticus, the TF forum member ended up selling me an Energon Barricade, ROTF Swindle, and ROTF Blast-OFF. I'll point out again that the Bruticus Maximus line consisted of Barricade, two copters, and two tanks. The ROTF version was the same mold but different colored. With the exception of Onslaught, the remaining members were in their G1 colors. So had I gotten Vortex, he would have had similar colors like the UW warriors version. Brawl would had been more greenish. The difference aside from colors is that Swindle is now a copter like Vortex and Blast-Off a tank like Brawl. Without further delay, here are the comparison pics.

Vehicle mode ( normal, vs, and with accessories) 





ROTF Swindle, though doesn't look as impressive as UW Vortex, looks great with his FP accessories. I like how FP once again redecorated a bland looking copter with some cool gadgets and armaments.  Though it doesn't look like something of the G1 era, I like how Swindle looks like he is some kinda bomber copter with the add-ons. The only thing I really didn't like on Swindle was that his rotors kept popping out. Once again, it wouldn't be a fair comparison to the UW version because Vortex has 4 rotors, but I just had to point that out.

Robot mode:




Well, Swindle can almost adhere to Vortex's weapons while Vortex can use some of the FP blasters. I like how you can lock on the smart missiles on Swindle's shoulders.  Swindle is definitely a huge improvement with the FP add-ons. Good going fansproject. Only complaint would be Swindle is overwhelmed by Vortex size wise.

Conclusion for this part: Well, no real comparison character wise. UW is still the way to go if you want official combaticons. Whether you get the Bruticus Maximus mold or ROTF one, the FP upgrades does wonders for the copters. I sometimes still can't get over how much it is an improvement when you compare and contrast it with upgrades and without. Well, next up and the last member comparison of the combaticon team. Toodles.

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