Saturday, May 9, 2015

A step into the past: Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition (2010)! Not a Review!

I was browsing through my old Flickr account which I haven't used in years and came across this. Wow, I kinda forgot I had all this which is in storage right now. Though I don't have time to play games much these days, I remember having a blast with Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. Let the pics do the talking. The headband is a gamestop pre-order bonus. Yes, and let me rant on Gamestop on that day. Gamestop didn't get the shipment on the day of release and they rudely told all their customers that because we live in Hawaii, shipping was delayed. The guy didn't want to help any one at all by the look of his expression. Load of monkey manure because I used to work retail and I tell you games, especially popular games, we would receive them nearly a week or a month in advance. Gamestop always manages to piss customers off. To make it worse, lying when you could had just said "sorry, we didn't get the shipment in yet." What's hard about telling the truth? Anyways, for your viewing pleasure. Click on link for a few more pics.



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