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Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus 2 of 2 review!

Combaticons, merge to become Bruticus! Amid some of the issues discussed in part I, does combined form Bruticus fare any better? Well, that's why you are here, right? Nah, you are here to see the pics. Anyhow, let's get started!

Official look and combined form



Unite Warriors Bruticus
Unite Warriors Bruticus
Ah, yes. Flex them muscle.
 Two words: Simply awesome! Bruticus stands pretty well this time around. Defensor had some wobbly hips and Menasor, well, was just bad when it came to standing. The toon colors are painted nicely and I definitely love his 4 bladed look on his left arm (Vortex). Superion, imo, still poses the best though Bruticus is a huge improvement over Defensor and Menasor. In case if you didn't notice by now, Swindle's and Brawls leg is color-coded the same. You can actually mess with Brawl's turret here. You can raise it knee length or lower it. Your move.

Unofficial look


Notice the difference? I modified his shoulders and placed it on his back rather lying on top. The shoulder tops, though fairly nice looking, obscured the cannon view. So I lowered the tops to allow the cannons to stand out more . Because the tops provide a tight fit to where the cannons originally were, I had use Onslaught's arms to carry the weapon. No biggie. I actually prefer this look and will be using it throughout the course of the review. 

Issues: I figure I discuss it now. Majority of the problem lies with Blast-Off. Once in arm mode, Blast-Off's fore arms would not stay attached. They would always pop open if you tried to bend or pose with him. Most TF fans I encountered had this issue as well. One user would go as far to use glue to stick him together. Not for me no thanks. Though Vortex has his cool 4 bladed look, you have to raise his helicopter tail to spin his blades decently. If you leave his official placement intact, his tail gets in the way of his rotors. Though it's up to the owner to decide how you want him to look, It's a not much of an issue and a simple fix (pic below). 

Issues updated 7/20/16: Well, through some folks I found more issues with this set. The problem actually now lies with Onslaught. His right shoulder does not lock in and if you lift the figure and play with his right leg a little, it will wobble a bit causing the hips to unlock a black portion behind his right silver thigh. The left shoulder pegs in nicely and no black portion revealed in the left thigh when lifted.

Another tidbit on Blast Off: I thought this was a little minor but in a sense it ain't, when I would transform Blast off to shuttle mode, his head keeps popping out. Easy to put back on but it gets tedious if you keep going back and forward. Some TF fans have this issue as well. 

Weapons and storage



Unite Warriors Bruticus
 Unite Warriors Bruticus

Unite Warriors Bruticus

What CW/UW combiner is not without these features. Like past figures, you can stick the smaller guns into other pegs. Like Defensor, you can combine the two cannons and form a big gun for Bruty. Looks good here. The gun definitely sticks better than Defensor. Use your imagination. 

Vs other combiners.



 Unite Warriors Bruticus



Defensor with his cannons on his back. yeah, I just added this feature because I didn't perform this feat back then when I had him. Defensor and Menasor just had trouble standing for the most part, but I was happy to snag a few pics of them in between. Superion, whom Bruticus did fight at one point, had their rematch. The results: that's up to you.

Toggling the limbs.


The pics say it all. Vortex and Blast-Off are now legs and Swindle and Brawl are arms. They work fairly well, imo. The official look is always the best but at least Blast-off stayed shut this time as a leg. I didn't do much here. 


I can't speak much for the CW version, but if you need a Bruticus figure, what are you waiting for? I dig the G1 colors though I still wish Blast-Off was a darker color. Bruticus is a much improved figure compared to other recent releases. Sadly, Blast-off wasn't all oohs and ahhs when compared to Groove. He looks nice but as a figure I wonder if Takara just rushed him out to the market quick. Onslaught had those locking issues in combined mode but it doesn't bother me too much. Also, why didn't you include Swindle's arm cannon? They had all that time to prepare, right? Overall, Takara did a good job. I repeat and reiterate once more that Bruticus is a much better figure than Menasor and Defensor. Anyhow, Unite Warriors Computron/Computicon comes out in two months. Hopefully, when I do get him, I will be ready to compute some data with him then. Laters folks and take care!

Unite Warriors Bruticus

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