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Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors Defensor aka Guardian UW-03 review part 2 of 2 New site:

Protectobots merge into Defensor!

Transformers UW-03 Unite Warriors Defensor

Transformers UW-03 Unite Warriors Defensor 2
 Transformers UW-03 Unite Warriors Defensor 3

What'd ya expect on part 2? Here's Defensor combined mode nonetheless. Very easy to put together though Hot Spot's torso took me a while to figure out. Groove, the exclusive mold, was very easy to configure for Defensor combined mode. Not to mention, he looks good on Defensor. One minor complaint that I sort of had was the elongated weapon you had. You simply combine two of his rifles weapons together. However, it is very loose and it comes off often. Though Defensor stands better than Menasor, he is still bulky and has trouble doing poses occasionally. I really don't want to invest in the perfect effect add-ons, though I'm pretty sure you can pose and stand better with it. Still love the blue on the torso and thighs.

Defensor weapon storage


Transformers UW-03 Unite Warriors Defensor 3
Defensor has some holes to lock in the weapons. Not much to say here but this is a feature that have been in the Combiner wars/Unite Warriors for some time now. Look around and place any weapons the way you want. You can even use Groove's hands to place weapons.

Changing it up 

Transformers UW-03 Unite Warriors Defensor 5

 Use your imagination. This too have been in the toy line for sometime. Groove works as well as limb for any combiner. Let the pics do most of the talking. 


Defensor is a must have especially for G1 classics completionists. Takara once again came through for the G1 fans as Groove is a solid figure and leg for Defensor. I can't compare him with the CW version though, by looking at some pics, I do like the extra decals on the CW version. The Takara is nice, imo, due to a better and consistent paint job. My only complaint(s) was mentioned earlier that his weapon doesn't stick well together and he tends to fall during poses quite a bit though he stands much better than Menasor. Menasor is probably the only CW/Unite Warriors figure that truly needs the PE upgrades. Can't wait for Unite Warriors Bruticus because I hear Blast-off is a shuttle and Vortex has his 4 rotor blades. Takara G1 for the win.

Link to part I: Unite Warriors Defensor aka Guardian part I

Side note: I will not be getting Unite Warriors Devastator, Optimus Maximus, and Galvatronus. Although they all look nice, I am only interested in getting mostly G1 era figures. Drift is an exception because I really digged that figure and he is G1 canon through the comics. Same for the wreckers though I haven't opened their figures up yet. Reason for me not getting Devastator is because I already have Maketoys Giant which is more in scale with the CW/UW line. Optimus Maximus is somewhat a tribute to Masquerade of G1 fame but still not my bag. Galvatronus definitely not my G1 cup of tea. Have a nice day folks!

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